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Let me introduce myself to you. I’m Craig Sigl.

I pronounce my last name like the word “wiggle” except with an “s.” I was born in 1963 and I’ve been playing golf since I was 11 years old. To make this short, for years I was so frustrated with this game and could not improve to save my life. I had taken lessons and practiced for years at the range for days on end with no results. At one point, I actually gave up trying to get better as I reached my mid-30’s and started a family and a very demanding job. Everything changed for the better for my game when I discovered what I’m about to reveal to you in this series of emails.

Am I going to tell you to stop practicing golf? NO If you have the time and energy to do it, by all means, do it! But only if you are going to do it correctly. By that I mean whatever your particular instructor or system prescribes to help with what you are learning. I would just like to offer some hope for the millions of golfers who just don’t have the time. Also, for those that CAN PRACTICE, everything I write and teach about applies to you to and will only serve to speed up your improvement, you’ll see. Over the next week, I’ll going to give you these secrets that very few golfers know about and even less use for their game. I have helped golfers all over the world improve their scores with this information and I hope it does the same for you. After that, you’ll get more great golf info once a week or better if you stay subscribed.

So let’s get started with Lesson #1: First I want to clear up one misconception:


I bet you’re asking yourself, What is this nutball talking about? Of course, there is such a thing as muscle memory! Great golf instructors have been teaching this concept for years. Well, you’re not wrong about those pros. For generations, golf instruction has always taught us that to become a better golfer, you must learn a “correct” swing and then practice it over and over until you can repeat it without thinking and minimal effort. That’s all true and and it works, however, the memory of that “correct” swing that you spend countless hours perfecting does not reside in the muscles. Instead, it’s in the mind.

Muscles cannot “store any memory.” In fact, they can only do one thing: CONTRACT. (2 if you count growing as doing something).That’s it, and no more. They do this from signals given by the nervous system which includes the brain. Is the brain the mind you say? Scientists are still figuring it out. But, everything our body does, from breathing to healing itself to playing games like golf, it accomplishes from coded instructions in our mind. And those instructions (example: to hit a golf ball solid and straight) are nothing more than a specific pattern of neuron (nerve cell) electrical firings and cellular communications. So if we can find ways to send the same or similar neuron firings, we can get some of the same benefits we get when we spend hours knocking balls on the range or working on our short game at the practice green. Really!

The study of our brain and mind and how we learn is called neuroscience and it has taken huge leaps in the last 50 years in understanding how we as humans operate. Scientists and psychologists have uncovered many techniques to enhance and improve learning, memory, and physical and mental performance on demand.

Jim Flick, one of the greatest golf teachers of our time said: “Golf is 90% mental…and the other 10% is mental too” From Arnold Palmer – “You probably have heard that playing good golf is mostly mental, and it is.” And one of the greatest physical athletes of the 20th century, Michael Jordan, he said: “The mind comes into this game so much. It comes into basketball, too, but sometimes your skills can overcome the mind a little bit. But in golf, if your mind’s not in it, then you can forget it.”

In addition to this under-used resource for our game that you will read more about in coming emails, there are so many little things we can do that when all put together, add up to reducing strokes in our game without practicing. For instance, we all know that flexibility is a requirement for a good golf swing right? Well, how do you improve on that when you don’t have the time to join a yoga class or a gym?

The next time you are driving to work, if it’s safe to do so, take one of your hands and press the tops of your fingers slowly against the dashboard or a part of the steering wheel and hold it for 10 seconds. You will be working on your golf game by stretching some of the muscles and tendons that are used in your swing! Simple, easy and it takes no time. This is just one tiny example. You can work on your golf game no matter where you are and not just on the golf course! If you get anything from me, this is it! Stick with me and I’ll write more on this later. My fingers are cramping from all this typing so I’ll get with you tomorrow.

Greens and fairways!


Have you heard it all before? Have you taken lesson after lesson and you’re still stuck at your old scoring level? Why is that? Why do some folks seem to make this game sooo easy and others struggle beyond belief.

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Have you heard the old saying that we only use 10% of our mind power? Whether it’s 5% or 10% or 20%, you know it’s definitely true as you have experienced times in your life, on and off the course where you have had absolute flashes of brilliance and wondered why you can’t do it all the time…guess what? You can! If you’ve hit a great shot with your clubs just once before, there is absolutely no reason you can’t do it again. What do you do differently when you don’t repeat a great shot? I’ll tell you…you run your mind a certain way that produces those results…simple.Break 80 Without Practice

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Hi Craig, I’ve just been listening to your CDs AGAIN! How did you manage to cram all of that info into just 4 CDs?! It’s incredible. Next time I need to get my notepad out and write down some of the great stuff you have on there. I could spend the rest of my life researching golf and would not have found half the information you have recorded. A truly excellent job. I now recommend it to all those who read my book “Golf Swing Eureka!!


Jon Barrett

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