Tiger Woods Troubles

So I’m lying here on my bed this weekend sick with the flu and contemplating weakness. I couldn’t swing a club 10 mph right now let alone play a decent game. My body just pretty much told me I need a break and it shut me down. My thoughts started flowing from weakness to our hero, Tiger Woods. Here’s a quote I pulled from ESPN:

“But 2010 — the Lost Year — has been a direct byproduct of Woods’ personal and professional issues. He has gone 11 consecutive rounds without breaking 70, tying the second-longest such stretch of his pro career. Five more rounds of 70-plus and he breaks his record.”

Conclusion, if the greatest golfer in the world is not immune to mental problems messing up his game, what makes us think we are any better? And this guy is said to be the most mentally tough athlete on the planet!

Did you ever think about why there is a “home field advantage?” Why is it that grown men and women don’t play as well on visiting playing fields/arenas as they do from their home? It sounds all so silly. They play on the same exact dimensions at home as when visiting and yet, many is the team that has a poor away record.

Does this happen in golf? You bet it does. Don’t you feel differently on your home course than one you’ve only played once on a practice round? Why does all of this happen? How do we prevent or turn it around?

What happens in all cases (except my flu), is that our perceptions of things become more than just fleeting thoughts. They actually sink into the muscles and tissues and cause interference. Look up “applied kinesiology” or “muscle testing.”
You see, we have zillions of neurons firing all of the time and when we put intention into something, those neurons follow patterns to get that something done. Tiger Woods has created some serious interference in his neural network that actually gets in the way of his intentions to win again. Every time he thinks about his problems, he strengthens that interference.

If you have perceptions or learnings during a time when you have strong emotions, well now you’ve got a double whammy.

Bottom line…disempowering thoughts literally get stuck in the body whether they are right now: “I can’t buy a putt” or from a couple months ago during a divorce. The mind affecting the body is real my fellow golfers.

There is a solution, you can get rid of that interference. There’s actually multiple ways but I only practice one of them. You can do accupuncture, you might get lucky with counseling, and there are various forms of “energy” work. I use golf hypnosis.

I can’t wait to see how Tiger does next year. Tiger has done hypnosis and other forms of mediation since he was 13 and I”m betting he’ll come back to his old self next year. He still has the skills and tools, physical and mental. You want to make it a regular habit to find ways to “let go” of your chokes, mistakes and other interference however you do it…or it will continue to haunt you.

Greens and fairways,

  • Craig says:

    I’m not rooting for or against Tiger. I just find him a very interesting character these days. You can’t deny how well he did in The Ryder Cup this last weekend.

  • michael beckner says:

    Great article! Thanks for your help.

    Tiger was recently voted the # 2 most hated athlete in the world. On top of everything else this past year, that can’t be good for his mental toughness. I don’t think Tiger will ever fully recover and return to his former level of play. His image was built on a foundation of lies which even he believed. When the truth came out it dismantled the carefully constructed
    legendary, phenom, superstar into a vile, loathsome individual hardly worthy
    of anyone’s praise. I think this “new opinion” of him will never entirely go away.
    Tiger will be cursed with the memories of this year’s events for the rest of his life.

  • John says:

    The subconscious rules. Whether it is Tiger or yours truly, guilt or other thoughts about one’s environment can disrupt your standard of play and ruin a round. Can deep feelings of guilt be allayed with self hypnosis? I don’t know. Maybe Tiger has to go back to what his father expected of him.

  • Dave says:

    Tiger if you can’t fix it with a hammer it is an electrical problem. Couldn’t happen to nicer guy.

  • MurrayH says:

    What worries me about Tiger’s game is that he is trying to sove his problems by changing his swing. He has begun training with Sean Foley, without officially making it his new coach. Sean Foley is a proponent of the Stack-and-Tilt concept.

    This no-weight-transfer method has ruined the carrer of Mike Weir, who is now trying to go back to his old, natural swing.

    In Tiger’s case, trying to fix a mental and attitude probem with swing changes doesn’t seem to be a winning formula. We’ll see…

  • Kevin says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more James! I was chastized by my wife’s sister for calling out Eldrick as being a jerk long before the scandal broke. Who is laughing now though. Go Phil and all the other gentleman golfers in the world.

  • Joe says:

    Tiger has paid a high price for his infidelity. Now he will have to rebuild his career and his personal life. Unfortunately for Tiger he has to do this in in the full blaze of international scrutiny. That is the price he has to pay for being the best golfer on the planet and a billionaire. Everything regarding his current form points to mental rather than physical problems, although he did have a car accident last year which required hospital treatment. Now that he has settled his private life somewhat, with the finalization of his divorce, he will probably start to improve mentally and get back to his previous form.

  • JAMES says:

    As far as I am concerned, If Tiger Woods ever wins another tournament, it will be to soon. This guy is carrying around a bushel basket of BAD Karma. If he wanted to screw every women that looked at him, he should have stayed single and had the time of his life. He didn’t do that. He got married, to one of the most beautiful women in the world, fathered two children (who will never live down what their jerk father did to them) and played bigshot and Mr. perfect. I have NO pity for an idiot who cannot keep it in his pants away from his wife. It does not matter how the marriage was going, what he did was wrong on so many levels he deserves all the criticism he is getting. In fact the media has given him way to many breaks. The bad Karma may be with him the rest of his life along with the fact that he threw away a Billion dollars.

  • bhaskar says:

    Please prey for Tiger!

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