The proper Golf Grip must be mastered, by J. Victor East

Like all golf instruction, learning the “correct” way to grip the club depends on who is doing the instructing. There are three basic golf grips: The Overlapping (Vardon) Grip, The Interlocking Grip, and the 10-finger grip or Baseball grip. Great amateurs and top pros have had success with all of them.

Try each of these out after getting the basics as shown in the photos below and then go with what you feel you will be more confident with. You can always change and experiment later as many very good golfers do.

These photos and grip instructions are from one of the top teachers of all time:
J. Victor East. interlocking golf grip instruction:

1. The club poised diagonally alongside the left hand.
2. The left hand closed.
3. The right hand alongside.
4. The right hand closed, with the thumb of the left hand snugly fitted in the groove of the right palm.
Overlapping Golf Grip.
Pinky is diagonal but can also rest in the groove between index and middle finger of left hand


The following grip advice is from a different instruction pro:

The proper grip has an infallible check point – the V’s made between the thumb and index finger of both hands. Pro golf teacher’s instruction says these V’s must point over the right shoulder at about the neckline. When these point correctly, the grip is ideal since neither hand can obtain too much control.GripVs

Another excellent check of a good golf grip is the hand position on the club. Properly taken, the player should only be able to sight one knuckle of each hand – the forefinger knuckle. Left hand should be slightly over to the right of the shaft, with last three fingers gripping.