These golfers have cut scores, become better players, and enjoy the game far more…

you should expect the same!

My friends are amazed. So am I

“My experience with the program was positive – the information was presented in a straight forward, easy to understand manner with humor. I have previously provided results and status of my efforts directly to Craig, and interestingly enough, the improvements continue. I have listened to all the CD’s 3 or 4 times now (maybe the 2nd CD 5 times). I listen in my car, driving to/from work.
I am enjoying my golf more, not just because I am scoring better, but because I am developing a positive attitude about my golfing experiences – I am accepting the outcomes of what I do and working to reduce the negative impact of bad breaks on follow-on strokes. I am seeing meaningful improvement in my scoring and my index has dropped approximately 7 strokes since I began listening to the CDs.

I scored an eagle (driver, putter) on a 285 yard par 4. I broke 90 (88) first time ever. I play with the same 8-12 people every Saturday 40 + rounds a year (for 10 years now). My handicap index has been 28 -32, most of the time around 31. After last Saturday (94) 11 of my 20 latest rounds are under 100 and my index is 21.6. My friends are amazed. So am I. I have always been a good putter and for the last 3 – 4 years hit it 250+ off the tee, but lose it under pressure (block/pull whatever it takes to get out of bounds). For years I have averaged 5-10 stroke/distance penalties a round. Since I began listening to the tapes, I often enjoy rounds without 3-putts, 1 or no stroke/distance penalties, and most pleasing, I am getting out of sand traps routinely with some impressive shots that I would have thought impossible 3 months ago.”

Kenneth W. Blevins, systems engineer, Arlington, VA

That really good golfer…He couldn’t believe the difference

“I golfed with the really good golfer that I was telling you about,
from work. He couldn’t believe the difference between last week and today.THANKS for your help. Your techniques
that you beat into my brain are making the difference. I expect to break 80

Ron Westenberg, Pasco, WA

I have never hit so many straight and long shots

Hi Craig,

First of all thanks again for all the info and customer service.

Just wanted to give you a quick update. I had followed the Draw system the last 2 years to eliminate slice problems and managed to bring my handicap from 20 in 2004 to 16.3 by the end of 2005. As this year began I was still hitting the ball straight but not scoring well, and my handicap drifted back up to 18. My best score this year was 86, and found many rounds in the 90’s again. That is why I was seeking improvement and came upon your product via Nick’s newsletter.

I have spent many hours listening to the CD’s, implementing  the mental game techniques you describe. My score immediately came down, and have not been in the 90’s since. Yesterday I played with my normal group and shot 80, only 2 over par on the back 9!!

I have never hit so many straight and long shots in a brief period as I have in the last 3 weeks.

I never before believed that I could take my game to the next level. Your info has opened my eyes to the power of mental control, and I now KNOW that I can indeed get to a handicap below 10 by the end of 2007.

Thank you very much for everything so far!!!!

Kevin R.Stevens, Dubuque, IA

Surprised with my improvement

Your simple advice has helped take strokes off my game and at the same time has made the game fun again to play. All my regular playing partners are surprised with my improvement and they
seem to listen more to what I try to pass on to them while playing.

Randy Morrison. Washougal, WA

Has been a God-send for me

Break 80 Without Practice has been a God-send for me. I listen to almost everyday in the car. Two years ago I had trouble breaking 120 but the end of last season when I began listening to you Craig I broke 100 a couple times and this year my first time out here in cold Michigan I only played 9 but shot a 49 and a couple weeks ago on the same 9 hole course I shot a 44. I’ve only been playing golf for three seasons and I’m 64 but thanks to you Craig I’m really enjoying the game a lot more.
God bless you Craig for the tremendous golf resources you offer us,

P.S. You have my permission to use this testimony to help convince others You are the BEST!

Dave Broome, St. Joseph, MI

Golf Pro: I am learning from you

“…I will say after listning to Disc 1 and half of disc 2 I shot a neat little 67 -3. It sure didn’t hurt to hear the info. But I do practice a lot since I teach golf. I doubt you can use that in your marketing but best of luck and I AM LEARNING FROM YOU. “

Mark Wells, Golf Pro – Los Gatos,CA

Another 8 to 10 strokes off my game

Last year my game became so bad (shooting consistently over 100) that I seriously considered giving up the game for good. Since I’ve been exposed to Craig’s Break 80 Without Practice program, I am lowering my score week by week. I’m currently shooting in the low 90’s and fully expect to knock another 8 to 10 strokes off my game this year.
I most value the fact that the program allowed me to understand and appreciate that what was stopping me from lowering my score was not my ability or knowledge of how to play the game, but simply my own brain and how my thoughts get in the way.

Simon Middleton, Massapequa, NY

An “out-of-body” experience! Absolutely fabulous!

I replied to an email the other day to tell you that not ONLY did I break 80 after listening to your tapes for a week – I broke 70!! I shot a 66 on Friday, the 25th! It was an “out-of-body” experience! Absolutely fabulous! Everyone is pretty amazed by my 66 – including myself! …when Friday happened, I felt I had to give credit to your tapes. It was just too amazing for words!!I’m a member at Champions Golf Club in Houston, Tx and my handicap is 8.

Judy Job, Houston TX

Winning the club championship

Hey Craig, Thanks to your CDs I just missed winning the club championship by one stroke last week. Would have won, but she shot out of her mind and was NOT in my foursome…..( I know if we’d played together she wouldn’t have had a chance!)

Tammy Naleid, Park Falls, WI

Absolutely excellent

What I have seen so far is absolutely excellent.
It’s one of the best I have purchased so far not to mention
the guy by the name of Nick Bayley of Napier, NZ whose program
I also purchased. He put me onto you. It’s almost like You 2
are reading from the same book. All good!

Paul Tioke Hamilton, New Zealand

Within one week…I shaved 10 strokes

Within one week of listening to Craig’s Break 80 CD’s, I shaved 10 strokes off my scores, and have improved on that consistently since. This season, I fully expect to break 80 for the first time. Amazingly, I turn 50 this summer.
I experienced immediate benefits from Break 80 Without Practice in respect to shot visualization and flight path. Having been a long-time reader and listener of motivational material, Craig’s material far exceeded my expectations. He is truly making the most of positive mental imaging in this CD set.

Craig’s instruction on flight path visualization has made a juge difference in my game. His strategy for course management is also extremely valuable and easy to put into practice.

Ken Duncan (Ad-Market Productions, Inc.) , Coralville IA

What you have done are quite brilliant!

“Craig, I have listened to all your CDs at least once and I am on the second listening. I have invoked a few of the critical messages and plan to continue to listen, study and incorporate this wonderful wisdom for months and years to come. I can say without doubt at this point that both you and what you have done are quite brilliant! I am playing a lot of golf and I FEEL your lessons and the subsequent changes I have invoked actually paying off and working. My last 3 rounds were 81 (3 – 3 putts), 89, 82. Most important, I FEEL the progress and tell you that it is very exciting. Many thanks!
People become PhDs (Doctors of Philosophy) because they immerse themselves in a subject, survey the entire literature relative to that subject and then synthesize an advance. They are also required in many instances to suffer but that is not a necessary part of the process. Your survey and synthesis of the critical elements of golf success fits right in with this educational paradigm.”

Michael Jayjock, PhD CIH Langhorne, PA

Great Stuff!!!

Have listened to all 4 of them. Great Stuff!!!
Since listening, my first round goal was to shoot 89. (My average score is 93.8). I shot a legit 89.
My second round goal, 4 days later, was to shoot 88. I shot an 88!!
Can hardly wait to get out tomorrow to see what happens. (Goal will be to shoot 87).

(And a few days later)
Today’s report:
Goal was 87. Screwed up, shot 86.

Trent T., Fulshear TX

I am playing better when it counts

I have had a few rounds in the 70,s in the six months or so since I got Craigs tapes, but I have historically been able to get at least one round in the 70,s for many years.

Perhaps i am getting more but more importantly I am playing better when it counts now in tournaments and when there is something on the line. I won a calcutta event last fall which was big for me with a 77 (playing to a 12 handicap). I smiled a lot that day.

Some people I play with have been remarking to me in recent months that I appear so calm and in control on the course. Thay ask me how I do it and I just laugh and say I am enjoying myself at the time and love to play golf (which is true but was not the way I used to be!)

Chuck Houston, Las Vegas, NV

My play from fairway to green is much more consistent

I have been impressed with the size and quality of the material I have received as part of this programme. The most valuable concept has been the methodology of self improvement, with most of my difficulties stemming from a feeling initially that everybody judges your golf when playing in a group with you, where now I accept that I am playing to improve my own game, just getting my head right I guess. I had a fluctuating set of scores before this programme and i now find that I am much more consistent in my play. My play from fairway to green is much more consistent and there is a confidence when over putts

David Woodings, Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand

Best golf investments I’ve ever made!

I coach a HS team up here in NJ. I can’t tell you how impressed I am, first with all the information on the discs; next with all of the e-mails, links and free resources you make available, and now you answer my question in a day. Excellent product and service. One of the best golf investments I’ve ever made!
Thanks again,

Jim Fink Midland Park, NJ

I love reading your articles

Hi Craig,
I love reading your articles. They have been extremely helpful in
letting me understand the finer points of the game and improve as a

Christopher Gregory, New Zealand

I shot net par or better

I’m loving the tapes. In my first three rounds after
listening, I shot net par or better. Haven’t done that in a long time. I’m
looking forward to more great rounds. Thanks for this information.

Sharla McDaniel, San Mateo, CA

I can already see the difference

Hi Craig,

I’ve been listening to your CD’s and they are working great so far!! I’ve only had them a couple of weeks but I can already see the difference in my golf game. I usually shoot in the mid 90’s, but last Saturday I shot an 88. I already see that I will need to rethink my club selection. I used to hit my irons on a semi-line drive and watch the ball scoot across (and off) the green. On Saturday I was hitting the ball much higher and landing it softer, but short of the green. I have also had to start teeing my driver lower. Unless I need to hit over a tree or water, I’ve been getting my drives 10 – 12 feet off the ground. As you suggested in you CD, the lower the shot, the longer and straighter it will travel.

The pre-shot routine, thinking of a song in your head, and using visualization in my spare time has really worked wonders. Who would have thought that I could play 9 holes of golf while driving to work LOL.

I live in Michigan, so I bowl in the winter. I’m a decent bowler 200-205 average, but I’m going to see if I can adapt some of your theories to the lanes. Bowling is much like golf, in that I’ve always used a pre-shot routine, including visualization. I’ve just never thought of practicing my bowling in my mind while listening to baroque music.

I’ll just change some of the golf terms in the affirmation to bowling terms. I’ll let you know when I break 80 in golf, and when I bowl my next 300 game and 800 series in bowling.


Don Hill, Newport MI

I would recommend anyone to buy your product

I don’t like the style of delivery on the cd’s but the messages are a must for any serious golfer.
I would recommend anyone to buy your product for this reason alone

Ewart Munday, Wyboston, UK

I improved a lot in the matchplay game!

I like very much to listing to the CD’s, especially because I am traveling a lot. I use that time, for the right mind setting in the preparation for a golf game. I use especially cd 3 and 4!
I did break 80 once last year: my handicap is 14,1.
I am satisfied when I break this year the 80 at least 3 times!
I improved a lot in the matchplay game!

Jan Gondrie, The Netherlands

I did break 80 for the first time

I found the information to be helpful especially the parts dealing with the mind. I tend to become too technical with my swing and focusing more on the target has helped tremendously. Shortly after buying your CD last year I did break 80 for the first time. I shot a 79 from the white tees. I find the parts about NLP very intriguing.

Ray Bernacchia, New Haven CT



Steve Little, Bloomington IL

I’ve lowered my handicap by 20%

I am much more “target oriented” as opposed to focusing on 97 different swing thoughts. As a result, I find myself hitting a very high percentage of fairways. I’ve lowered my handicap by 20% and I now shoot in the 80’s almost 50% of the time I play. Prior to utilizing the program, I might break 90 once a month.

Ken Alterwitz, Loomis, CA

Your tips are gaining me one or two shots per round

Hi Craig,

Many thanks for the CDs and the emails….At this stage I believe that your tips are gaining me one or two shots per round but I will keep you informed of my progress….
… The other guy (off a 21 handicap) played out of his skin and beat me (off 12) at the 19th hole. I needed all my resolve to just stay in the game as this guy was holing pitches from 30 yard and pulling off all sorts of miracle shots. On at least 3 holes I had to hole 5 yard putts just to 1/2 the hole!

In my earlier days I probably would have got very disheartened about this and blamed my luck, cursed etc BUT thanks to your CDs, I stayed tough mentally and became determined to tough it out knowing that if I kept my composure and played my own game I could stay in the game (which I did). I eventually lost but I pushed him hard. We worked out that on the day I played slightly below my handicap but he played about 10 shots better than his, so I was pretty happy just to hang in.

Brett Walker Canberra Australia

My game is much more consistent

“I like your website, the articles are short but full of information.
I read them all the time, I have also downloaded few of the books you have posted on your site. Before my average round would be 85-95 strokes, with a occational low 82.

This season my game is much more consistent, all rounds in the 80:s and the last five rounds in low 80:s. So I’m expecting to brake 80 very soon.”

Zeljko Stefanovic, Finsp�ng Sweden

LOVE your stuff!


just confirming that I am receiving Without_Practice_Owners and have received issues #001 through #004

LOVE your stuff!

John Uncle Forster Australia

Much more at ease on the golf course

Craig, I ordered your cd’s on 6/07 and have really enjoyed them. I’ve already listened to the set twice through and then some. I find that i am much more at ease on the golf course as I apply the lessons you have gathered together.

Pastor Bob Everest, Leoti KS

Dropped 3 shots

Thank you for your tips! After receiving a number of e-mails I won the biggest tournament of my life and dropped 3 shots in the process
Thank You

James Cullinane

My play was substantially better

Thanks very much for the email lessons & I look forward to receiving more
As a testimony for your concepts, I have played 2 rounds since receiving them and both times my play was substantially better
In fact in my last round I played to a 13 handicap (I’m off 18) and I just know I’m going to do better. Thanks again

Craig Peace

My swings improved

Hi Craig,
I must say since I used your no practice lessons, I did learn a lot. It is actually amazing how powerful a persons mind really is. My swings improved and I even have greater control over my golf games. I therefore would like to thank you for this great lessons you gave me so far.


Ruann Bohlmann South Africa
“changed my mind set to become a winner”
Peter Westrep, London, U.K.

Get me to the next level

Hi Craig,
Thanks for your latest e-mail. I have in fact received all the mini courses which I might add I enjoyed very much reading your material. Hopefully it will get me to the next level in my golf next year. I have been reading the e-book and am enjoying this also. Looking forward to more of your tips

Keith Parker, Chateauguay,Quebec, Canada

Seen an instant result


Please note that I am great full for knowledge of
better golf sent to me. As I have put this to practice during
the last week-end and seen an instant result I surely believe that your method will help me break the 90s.

Frederick Richards

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my game

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my game. I’ve taken lessons with absolutely no benefit. Now I enjoy the game more and play better.

Rick Baron, Decatur, IN

Had my best ball striking round this year

” Craig… Thanks to your cd’s I have cleaned out a lot baggage between my ears. Had probably my best ball striking round this year.”

“Provides the keys to detecting and resolving the insidious mental issues that prevent a golfer from performing his best. I even liked the program before I tried it out on the golf course.”

Karl Higham, Las Vegas, NV

Your system is perfect for this

Hi Craig
I read with great interest your article about the Tibetan Lama who thinks the game of Golf is 90% physical.
He assumes that, just because he meditates he will be a great golfer.
Sitting around staring at a candle, or into space will not make you a great golfer or prove you have mental toughness.
I know, I tried.
In my martial arts training I’ve found that when you sit and meditate you can get into a calm state, but as soon as you move around the calm state disappears.
This happens because other things come into the equation, such as other people, noise or any other distractions.
The only way to get into a strong mental state is by ‘ MOVING MEDITATION ‘ or No Mind.
Your system is perfect for this because because you advocate visualizing yourself actually taking shots. So when it comes to actually taking the shot you are used to the movement. ( you are already in ‘ The Zone ‘ )

Sitting around doing nothing does not make you mentally tough.

Getting out and DOING does.

Setting out to do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY does

Being prepared to work on whatever is the worst part of your game, Visualizing, using NLP techniques and, lastly getting off your butt and working hard at it.
This I believe is mental toughness.

Sorry the E-mail is so long,but I believe passionately about this.


Mick Stokes, Essex, UK
I liked the progam and think the CD are something that I will listen to over and over again. In other words, I think it is a program that keeps on giving.
Dolores Snodgrass, Balley Springs CA

Helped improve my game

Hi Craig,
I am a 76 year old golfer and have only played the last 12 years. I have enjoyed your tips and feel it has helped improve my game. Thanks for you help.

Louis Schneider Tampa Bay, FL

Dropped my score by 8 strokes to 79!

“Craig, just a note to tell you that after getting and listening to your 4cd break80 program I started putting in my mind the thought that I can break not only 80 but 70. While I haven’t been at it a full 20 plus days to ingrain the thought, I played my first round today since getting your cd and dropped my score by 8 strokes to 79! Thanks. With your help and my mental attitude, I WILL BREAK 70!

“I like the program and I have recommended it to several of my friends. Even the cheap ones who squeeze a nickle so tight they get 4 cents change have listened to it and wanted to get a copy.”

George Dalton, Sacramento, CA

I had a 78 yesterday!

Hi Craig,

From the back tees at Coyote Creek @ Willows Run, I had a 78 yesterday! (Winter rules, of course). I strung together 12 pars in a row before uncertainty got me
on one hole for a double bogey. I recovered and parred 18!

Ray, Bellevue WA

Your program has helped me

I bought the program to listen to while I was driving. I have listened to what you said and written down some things I should focus more on. And I was also curious about what could be learned without practice. I really practice a lot, and often with a pro ( 2-3 times a month during season), but it is easy to just focus on a few things in the swing during practice, but as the mental things are so important in golf, your program has helped me. I have broken 80 several times before I bought the program. My best score is 75 on a par 71 course where I was 3 over par after two holes and in a green bunker on the third after losing the ball on the first and three-putting on the second.

Tommy Pedersen, Motala Sweden



`Ron Hammond, Reno, NV

More enjoyable every time out

The overall result/change has been my approach/attitude to The Game. It is more enjoyable every time out, regardless of the score and/or effort. The approach to the Mental Game is enlightening & helpful.

Anthony Cascio , Alameda, CA
“The information is quite clear and very concentrated. I liked it very much.”
Richard Van Dusen, Los Angeles, CA

My game has become a lot more consistent


while i was initially skeptical about the counter-intuitive concept of breaking 80 without practicising (which in mutual fund analogy would be equivalent to getting a low-risk product with high return in the shortest amount of time — it simply doesn’t exist), i must profess that you have a good thing going there. even for a mentally-stubborn person like myself, i have made big strides towards a better overall game. although i had scored in the mid-80s before i got your ‘break 80 without practice’ CDs, and still score similarly, my game has become a lot more consistent. the swing is sweeter and less erratic, and as a result my driving is better than ever before. landing a 300 yard drive on the fairway or on the first or secondary cuts are way better than going 300 yards OB, into a hazard or a bush. my chipping/pitching game, which used to be my nemesis, is now actually decent! which brings me to the bit about consistency: i now take a lot fewer penalties. as you know so well from our email correspondences (which is great since i know of no other system which offers online coaching for the price you charge), what’s preventing me from breaking 80 is the lack of putting feel. that, we all understand (me, most painfully), can’t be taught and must be learnt through experience and creative visualisation. i would recommend without hesitation to any golf enthusiast your ‘break 80 without practice’ CDs. if for nothing else, it should surely make his/her game more enjoyable.

Christian Zhou, Singapore
A different yet very valuable approach to bettering my golf.
Sivaji Ganguly, Ruwi, Oman
Practicle, common sense, down to earth, and relevant…loved it!
Alistair Watson, Palmerstown North, New Zealand

I like the program

I like the program. It is easy to use and because I think golf is a 95% mental game things like this product are more valuable than a swag of how to type swing, putt, chip products for reasonable club golfers such as me.

Garth Trengove, Valla Australia

I have become fully aware

I listened to all the CDs once over. I can relate to a lot of it. I have parred almost every hole on my 27 hole course..from the back tees for the mens league I play in. I have broke 100 only once on this course. I have become fully aware that this is more of a head problem than a swing or equipment problem.
Starting to listen a second time, this time writing down references to web sites.
Thank you.

Harold Schooley, Windham Centre, Ontario, Canada
Practicle suggestions in small doses that can be undertaken and undersood.
Terry Retter, Reno, NV
“…it has helped me when I have a bad shot to get back into the game”
Greg Simmons, Richmond, VA
“presented in a down to earth, easy listening format. also, very interesting and informative.”
William Romans, Marion, VA

“I can do that too”

“The product is has a well organized structure. Some of the subjects build on previous concepts. There is an abundance of real life examples (no BS) that contribute to an “I can do that too” attitude. These examples are very meaningful and bring the points home. Nothing esoteric.”

Raymond Anglin, Gaithersburg, MD

The program is very good

The program is very good and the best part by far is the tape # 3 about the mental side with more to follow.

Gary Hoffman Dracut MA
Your CD’s have helped me realize the important things and have put my efforts in that direction.


(A.) “Les” Vasconcellos, Hawaii

Broke 90 for the first time.

Just got your CDs in the mail 2-3 days ago and I have listened to all four once now and today I took something from the last CD to the course with me. It was Vijay Singhs “Seventeen Eighteen” when I swing and keep my tempo and also sang some songs in my head when I knew I was playing well but I didn’t “choke”.

My improvement so far:
Old Handicap: 16
New Handicap: 14.5
Goal: 9.9

I played a round of 86! Broke 90 for the first time.

Henri Junttila Haparanda , Norrbotten, Sweden
I must say, my confidence IS growing each week. Keep up the good mentoring – it all helps.
Paramjit Chumber Westlake Village, CA

Dedicated to providing a good service.

I am clearly not an expert in golf instruction but I believe that Craig Sigl is a very sincere person and someone who is quite wise for his years. He has put together in one place the accumulated wisdom relative to the “head part” of the game….

I have never regretted buying those CDs or my association with Craig – he is a great guy who really believes in what he is doing and is dedicated to providing a good service.

Mike Jayjock, Langhorne, PA

Keep up the great work.


Finally got the chance to read this issue and I just
wanted to thank you for a really informative piece
that really resonated with me.

The fact that you gave a personal example made the
whole thing real and allowed the point to sink in.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Simon Middleton, Massapequa, NY



George Dalton, Sacramento CA
Good program, easy to incorporate into your golf practice and game… I enjoy the game more. I score lower.
William Romans, Marion VA

I find myself easily getting in the zone

I should mention that I began swinging a Medicus driver and 7 iron in my warm up time before I leave the house to go to the course over a year ago. It wasn’t until I listened to your first CD that I saw any results. I find that using the Break 80 approach, the “muscle memory” established with the Medicus equipment is now useful. What is significant is that I find myself easily getting in the zone when I’m over the ball, and then back to normal between strokes, so no one is seeing any difference in my game, except for the scoring, and the reduced amount of swearing. However, when you hit the ball well, there’s less reason to swear or throw clubs.

Ken Blevins, Arlington, VA

Thanks so much for taking time to help me

How can I thank you? It’s so helpful to hear directly from someone who has actually taken an NLP program and, also endorses it…Again, thanks so much for taking time to help me with direction in this matter.

Lee Guillory, Seattle WA

I shot an 80 with a birdie on 18 last week


Thanks for all the great stuff. I’m becoming a golf info. junkie too! As a result of my recent quest for my best golf game (which has certainly included much of your info.) I shot an 80 with a birdie on 18 last week. My only rounds in the 70’s were back to back 76s about 3 years ago when I was playing more. I’m heading that way again!

Tim Sharp, South Bend IN
I like the program. I
must commit to practicing the suggestions and activities more.
George Miller Owings Mills

I’m getting better!

Concern or Feedback: Keep up the great work
I’m getting better!

Gerard Martel Fitchburg MA

A great resource

Hello Craig,
I purchased your product some time ago and have found it
to be a great resource. Thankyou.

Mark Washington, Magog, Quebec, Canada

I dropped from a 10.5 hdcp. to a 8.4 hdcp.

Dear Graig,
I am one of your average golfer fans that has been pretty discouraged not being able to break 80. Well I just wanted to tell you thats in the past & after following & developing your 7 day program I dropped from a 10.5 hdcp. to a 8.4 hdcp. I live in France & have forwarded your site to several golfers asking “whats up Phil”
Keep the info comming, Take care

Phil Reed, France
I like the overall program. It has helped me improve my mental game and my practice habits.
Fred Taylor, Tulsa OK

All your claims are true

Hello Craig,
Thank you very much for your very good customer service.
Of course you can use my words. All your claims are true so other people
should know that you are a man of honor.

Best regards,

Sang Hyo Lee, Bremen, Deutschland (requested refund)
Thanks, appreciate the prompt response and the recommendation… says something about you and how you conduct business – good example for others to follow.
Jim, San Leandro, CA (requested refund)