A Course Management Strategy Tip You’ve Never Heard Before

52 Ways To Lower Your golf score without practiceTip #23  from my book, “Break 80! 52 Ways To Lower Your Golf Score Without Practice” is about reconfiguring your brain out of that small thinking box that says “I have to hit it as far as I can every shot.”  

If you play this game with any regularity, you have doubtless had many rounds where a blow up hole ruined your score and it started by hitting the ball out of bounds or out of play off the tee.

Well, what if you could start a round virtually guaranteeing yourself that you would finish the round with nothing out of bounds and everything in play from your 2nd tee shot?

Let that sink in for a moment before you go on to the actual tip and then think about rounds you can remember where JUST ONE tee shot (or probably more) was the thing that killed your score. If you’re like me, this has happened too many times to count and the REAL cause of it is NOT because you had a bad swing that shot off tee.

The real cause is you haven’t mentally bought into the concept of playing conservative golf when it’s appropriate. You have an automatic habit to just bring out the driver, or whatever is the longest club you can hit, and mindlessly swing away without thinking.

Time to turn that around with this tee game strategy you can program your mind to. 

Greens and Fairways,


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23. The second most powerful advice

Once a season, go out to a full-sized course and play a round with nothing longer than your longest iron.

Now, this advice is primarily for golfers who hit the ball 200 yards or more with their driver and won’t be as powerful for shorter hitters.  In fact, us longer hitters are going to emulate shorter hitters with this strategy in order to train ourselves in real playing conditions to expand our options and adaptability.

Because you are doing this on the course while still having the intention to score lower, you will learn at the cellular level the following:

  1. The value of keeping the ball in play and playing conservatively.  It’s so easy to always break out the driver off the tee and go for it but many times, it’s much smarter strategy-wise to play the odds and keep it in play. Our ego tends to get in the way of this and you will now come away with a new appreciation for strategy.   Living this lesson is 100 times more powerful than just the head knowledge.
  2. Learn to trust and even rely on your short game to get you up and down.  You get a mental shift in attitude about your wedges because you are going to have more short approaches in  his round. You will be “practicing” your up and downs with a different mindset that expands your confidence.
  3. You will use your long irons a lot more than you ever have and make huge gains in this area from the play/practice you do. The first time I did this I scored the same as I always do on that course and I was shocked. My first sub-par round came a month after.

Get ready, get set, go low…

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