What's REALLY Behind Your Behavior?

by Norman Hallett

Someone the other day commented to me that they thought Napoleon Hill, in his classic book, “Think and Grow Rich” (click to download this as a free ebook), talked in riddles. I thought they were referring to “The Secret”, but they weren’t.

This person’s confusion stemmed from the notion of the Subconscious Mind… what it is and what is does.

I understand the confusion.

Something you can’t touch, see or smell lend itself to a deeper analysis. What you CAN “see” are the results of the functioning of the subconscious mind.

In the 1930’s, Napoleon didn’t have the science we have today to try to explain the way the mind works. And even now, you have to analyze the outcomes of the workings of the mind to understand the mind.

Of all the explainations I’ve heard and read of what the subconscious mind is, I like Frank Caprio, M.D.’s take on the subject. In his book, “Healing with Self-Hypnosis” he states,

“The subconscious mind is that part of your thinking that is governed by your instincts. Behind all behavior are motivations hidden in your subconscious mind.

He goes on,

“Your subconscious mind consists of associated sense impressions and memories of all your past. It is composed of your brain, spinal cord, and a network of nerves that branch out through your entire body. These nerves extend from head to toe, and information about every move, every thought, and every emotion follows the route from brain to body.

Every single bodily activity is thus controlled. This includes your involuntary internal organs, such as those that make up your digestive, circulatory, reproductive, and respiratory system, as well as every physical motion, even the blinking of your eyes.

Every automatic habit and personal idiosyncrasy is controlled by your subconscious mind.”

(Now, here’s come something very interesting…)

“This subconscious communication goes on day and night, whether you are awake or asleep. It maintains a storage bank of memories of that includes everything that ever happened to you — every experience, relationship, word spoken — everything.

Not only are the memories of your every experience, good and bad, stored in your subconscious mind, but also therein are the memories of the emotions and the environment that accompanied the experience.

Your subconscious mind controls all functions of your body that are not under direct control of your conscious mind, and upon specific occasions, it actually takes over the powers of the conscious mind. For example, the subconscious mind can prevent the conscious mind from speaking, resulting in stammering.”

These facts are only some of the reasons I’m so fascinated with the subconscious mind and why it is the ABSOLUTE KEY to getting what you want for you and your loved ones.

Recall ANY story where someone overcame impossible odds.

ANY story.

In every case, the “base” of the miracle was belief in one’s self.

I would advise all of us to set lofty goals… Goals that will inspire us.

But what about that little voice in your head that doubts that you’ll achieve a goal that high?

That little voice is your Subconscious Mind and the great thing is that you can self-program that little voice to support your goals… no matter how seemingly-impossible.

And the way you do that is to place your mind into a light alpha brain-wave state and submit your positive suggestions directly to your subconscious mind.

Deciding to take control of what goes into your subconscious mind is the main decision you will have to make in order to start creating your wealth… wealth of money, of romance, of golf or anything!


Norman Hallett is a very successful entrepreneur, a golfer and a widely respected writer.

Together with his wife, Tisha Hallett, one of America’s premier subconscious trainers, they founded Subconscious Training Corp to offer state of the art mental training to help everyone from athletes to business executive get what they want.

STC has created programs designed specifically for golfers at the direction of golf psychologist Dr. Fran Pirozzolo. Visit: Golf Mind Software or Putting Genius Software to learn more.


Craig’s take:

The reason you want to learn about the subconscious mind (I like to call it the “unconscious mind”) is because when you create a rapport with it, an agreement with it (I say “it” but I’m really referring to a part of YOU), then you can create all sorts of magic out there on the golf course.

Your subconscious mind knows exactly how to hit every shot perfectly if you’ve done it just once. It also knows how to hit bad shots if you’ve done that. Therefore, the name of the game in golf is to be able to make that communication link and tell your subconscious mind exactly what it is that you want it to do on any given golf shot.

The more you understand how the subconscious mind works and have the intention to make that connection and then trust it to perform, the more automatic and consistent you will become.