Playing hacker golf

The game is on!

Ok, it happened yesterday to me…I played hacker golf.

There, I said it and I admit it.  (I still am struggling with that admission).

Yesterday, I played a round and I played the worst I’ve played in years.  Now, this is no disrespect to those who are still honing their game and are happy playing hacker golf, believe me. I played that way for years and enjoyed the game immensely.

But this was different for me! You see, I played on the 4th of July (just 2 days before) and played pretty good. Not my best, but certainly right in my range. I shot an honest 80 on a full-sized course.  Yes, you probably know how frustrating it is to get that close to breaking 80 while missing 3 putts inside 4 feet when any one of them would have gotten me a 79. Oh well. I was still pretty happy with my 80 since I hadn’t done any practicing and and only played about once a month this year so far.

And then yesterday, the wheels fell off.

I’m playing with my 17 year-old son who is about as good as me and we put $5 on the line, scratch score for 18 holes.

So I go out to the first tee with all the confidence in the world. I’m loose, I’m feeling great, the weather is perfect, the course is in great shape…and what do I do?

I hit my opening drive into the trees on the left with a pull-hook.

Trees - the sentinels of the golf course

Ahhh, no problem right? It’s a par 5 and I can just punch it back to the fairway and play for the par.

But noooooooo.   I hit an overhanging branch trying to get too cutesy in attempting to advance the ball and then have to do it all over again.  I end up with a double on the first hole.

“Ok, no problem” I tell myself.  “Just get back to doing what you know how and play consistent golf and you’ll be fine.”

Hole #2 is a big dogleg left and pull my tee shot into the left trees again.

“What the *($$%%&**   is that?

How is it that I can hit 12 fairways in a row 2 days ago without any warmup and then come out and it’s like I’ve never played golf in my life?   I end up with a triple bogey and my son is snickering over there counting the money he’s going to make.

I continue with my worst round for the next 4 holes and end up being 12 over par after 6 holes and 9 strokes behind my son.  I’m in a daze and I start asking myself “what am I to learn here today?”

Just then, I’m standing on the tee of the 7th hole and the 2-some behind us drives up in their cart with a big smile on their face and jokingly asks “Are we having fun yet?”

And I answer “Not really”

And he says back “Well, why don’t you start?” and I said “Great idea!”

It's never too late to turn a round around

Something shook inside of me and I drilled my next tee shot 270 yards down the right side.  I somehow got the idea that I could still win. My next shot was 220 yards and I roll my 3-wood to the back of the green.I miss the birdie but get the tap-in par.

All of a sudden, I hear this voice inside my head “Every shot matters, never ever ever give up.” My son pars the hole too.

It’s the 7th hole and I par it.  I par the next 4 holes in a row and I pick up 5 strokes on my son.

“Never ever ever give up….every shot matters” is still ringing in my head.  I keep my focus even on the tap-ins.

We come down to the 17th hole and I’m down 4 strokes. I scramble for a par and my son double-bogeys.

18th hole and I’m down 2.  I tell him that I’m going to birdie this hole because it’s a par 5 and I’m feeling mighty powerful.

I know it puts the scare into him.  I’m 70 yards out when I hit my approach over the green and into the bunker.  “Never ever ever give up”

I wedge out to about 8 feet from the hole. My son is about 4 feet away to make his bogey.

Every shot counts!

I make the putt!!! He’s got tremendous pressure on him and I add a little more by asking him how much pressure he is feeling…hahaha.

He ends up making the putt to win by 1 stroke. I sign the $5 bill and it’s hanging on his bulletin board right now as we speak.


Now, we both played horrible, if you look at our scores, but no matter.  That last 5 holes gave me such a thrill and challenge to try to come from behind. I learned more from my day of playing hacker golf than I would have if I had shot a 77.

Never ever ever give up!

There’s always something to learn. I learned about myself that I can turn on focus like a water faucet. I learned that I have a reservoir of determination that I can call on at any time.

Even if your score is toast mid-way through a round you’ve got to find a way to make the rest of the round count.

How many times have you played a round and played bad and given up on your score only to start really playing well AFTER giving up on your score? Happens to all of us.

Even if you have nothing on the line and are just fighting your own anger from playing poorly, you’ve got something to prove… to yourself and there’s something to learn and grow from.  No round is a throwaway round unless you declare it so.

At the very least, when you let go of scoring during a bad round, you will find in yourself a certain ease and comfort about your game. A letting go.  That is something that you own that you can recall again in the future when something is on the line.  Golf can teach us many things, especially when playing hacker golf!

I’m going to be spending the weekend going back to the drawing board and listening to my golf hypnosis recordings.  Maybe I’ll see you over there eh?

Greens and fairways,



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  • John says:


    welcome to the rest of us mortals. I have two goals this year. One is to break 90, and I am real close. A “stinker” 18 really hurts when everything seemed to be getting better and the goal is closer than ever. I haven’t been out in a couple of weeks, vacation for workers, putting me in a crazy working schedule, plus the weather still wants to give me rain on my day off.

    My second goal which is my hardest goal is “playing in the present”. Been trying to play within myself, not worrying about the next hole, just focusing on the current one. Better ball flight has helped to keep the ball in the real short stuff, so there is not the tendency for “what ifs” when I am on the next hole.


    • Craig says:

      Write your scoring goal (breaking 90) down on paper and leave it at home. Playing in the present can be done by bringing
      your attention back to your 5 senses any time you find your mind wandering to useless thoughts.
      Greens and fairways,

  • Arthur Rasi says:

    I get your emails and enjoy them but have not gotten the hypnosis tape on “How to break 80 without practicing.” I thought I ordered it. What next?
    What is an phasis? Thank you for your help.

    • Craig says:

      Hi Arthur,
      I will email you about your order separately.

      Break 80 without practice is a system for how to play
      golf with your unconscious mind. I teach to your unconscious
      mind but there is no hypnosis in that product. For my hypnosis products, go to:

      Greens and fairways,


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