Real "Distance" advice from a Long Drive Champion

There’s advice, videos and everything under the sun from every golf instructor who ever lived about how to hit your longest drive possible with your skills and body. Let’s face it, golfers want this and there are definite benefits as you know.Players-Tour-2006-Eric Jones

Very few people are really qualified to actually teach anything worthwhile however and so I went about to find someone who really is. Eric Jones is someone who actually has won the World’s Long Drive Championship. The really astounding thing is that he is one of the smallest competitors out there. If you’ve ever seen a long drive competition, you know that most of these guys are hulks! Either totally ripped muscles and/or very tall. Eric wins with maximum efficiency of movement. Extremely impressive.

He still competes to this day and teaches golfers daily at his facility in California as a PGA instructor.

If that isn’t enough, he also has a Masters in Sports Psychology. I had the pleasure of interviewing him for his secrets for about an hour. I was planning on making this interview a bonus as part of a paid product. But what the heck, I’m giving it to you now right here:

longest golf drive interview with Eric Jones

If you want some free video instruction from him,  Go here:  Eric Jones

This guy is amazing and I highly endorse him and his teachings.


Eric Jones Long Drive Champion

Greens and fairways,


If you want more of Eric Jones and some free instructional videos,   Go Here

  • Craig says:

    Hi Raj,

    Nice, love to hear such comments, thanks for writing. Yep, Eric is the real deal on Long Driving.
    Greens and fairways,

  • Raj says:

    G’day Craig, fantastic stuff. I actually bought Eric’s long drive course and after two week I was averaging my drive 300 METRES (we use metres in Oz). I dropped my handicap from +8 to +2. Great product. Recommend anyone!!!


  • Ricky says:


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