How to putt better

Start with a better alignment…by Scott Myers

Getting the correct alignment for the putt is crucial to starting the ball on-line. Not only does this mean having the correct alignment of the putter, but also the correct alignment of the body.

When the body is correctly aligned to  your target, the putting stroke will remain square to the target through the entire motion. This will eliminate any need for the body to try and compensate for poor alignment during the stroke.

Alignment is the act of getting not only the putter aimed correctly at your target, but also having the appropriate areas of your body aligned correctly with your target line.

While your putter will point directly down your target line, the line formed by your shoulders, knees, and even feet will not be pointing at your target – they will be parallel to it.

Imagine standing over a set of railroad tracks. The track farthest away from you is the line down which you will aim your putter.  The track closes to you is the one with which you align your body.

Aligning your body correctly to your target line is actually quite easy and can be accomplished in only three steps.

Step one:
•    Choose the line on which you want your ball to start
•    Walk up to the ball, place your putter behind it, and with your eyes directly over the ball, align your putter to the target using the alignment line on your putter to point it straight down the target-line you have just chosen

Step two:
•    Align the toes of each of your feet on the line you have just aligned your putter to. (If you drew a line from the tip of each shoe, it would run parallel to your target-line line. )

Step three:

•    Square your shoulders to your target-line.  This is the most important part of aligning your body.

putt better

Alignment is crucial to putting better

If you decide to only follow one of these steps, make sure this is the one. The path of your putting-stroke is determined by the alignment of your shoulders.  Square shoulders=square putting stroke.  Open shoulders=out-to-in putting stroke.  Closed shoulders=in-to-out stroke.  Making sure your shoulders are square to your target line before you take your putter back will guarantee a square putting stroke every time.

•    If you need help figuring out if your shoulders are indeed square to your target-line, hold a golf shaft across each shoulder with both hands and turn your shoulders so that the shaft is now parallel to your target line.


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