how to get over a bad shot in golf

How To Clear Mistakes And Get Over Bad Shots

Tip #6  from my book, “Break 80! 52 Ways To Lower Your Golf Score Without Practice

52 Ways To Lower Your golf score without practiceis about continuing to learn how to golf with your unconscious (subconscious) mind and fully utilize it’s power. It controls your body, right? Last time I checked, you golf with your body.  My foundational formula that I build everything off for performing in anything is:  

Performance = Potential – Interference.

When you make mistakes and choke on shots, you literally create like a tiny “injury” to your psyche and it is literally “stored” in the wiring of the nervous system – your unconscious mind. This is some of what we are calling “Interference.”    These things build up just like a volcano. The tip below may seem a little “out there” I know, but trust me, it works, even if you don’t believe it will work. But if you BELIEVE it will work to improve your performance, well then, it works even faster and more efficiently.   So, what would you like, faster or slower results from using the tips below?  It’s your choice.    Whatever you do, you must eliminate the interference.  

Greens and Fairways,



6.      Clear your past misses and chokes, unleash your potential!

clear mistakesYou see, your body stores these misses in it’s cellular memory. The emotion you felt from those misses encodes the thoughts you have about the chokes literally right into your tissues.

Over time, these build up and your nervous system automatically re-runs the disappointment, anger, frustration and pain that you felt over the years every time you now have a putter in your hand facing a must-make putt.

Eventually, for some of us, this can turn into “The Yips” where the golfer literally shakes or jabs during the putt or shot. Here’s how to unleash your potential by clearing your failures:   Start with a few moments of FOCUS and conscious breathing as described earlier.

Then spend a few moments or minutes quickly rehashing your mistakes in your mind. Bring them all up and then imagine throwing them into a trash can, sending them out into space or, you can actually write them down on paper and burn the paper.

You can also write them on a chalkboard of your mind and then erase the chalkboard to start the next round fresh and clean just like a school teacher at the end of the day of to get over a bad shot in golf

You can and should do this for individual misses and mistakes while on the course.  It takes 5-10 seconds and you can do it in between shots.

Objectifying or personifying the mistake activates and engages the unconscious mind to physically release the stuck negative energy and you can enjoy that lighter feeling and freer movement.