Bring your "vacation" golf back to your home course

golf vacation resortsI can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from my clients about how well they have played on their vacation.  And I’m right there with them. I think I wrote to you somewhere already that I was taking my annual golf vacation with my two boys to Canada.  We had an amazing time cruising around BC and Alberta golfing, camping, and seeing the sites.

I think we ended up golfing 4 times in a week and, as usual, I played the best rounds of the year on this trip.  What’s going on with us golfers when this happens?  Could I call it “proof” that we play our best when we feel our best?  I’ve even found that I still play very well at the resorts under pressure just because I am having such a blast and enjoying myself so much.

Oh, I have to tell you about an area that I didn’t know about that has some fantastic golf and gorgeous scenery to go with it up there in British Columbia.

It’s the Upper Columbia River Valley area in BC. There are 15 courses within 40 minutes of each other!  We stayed at a town called Radium Hot Springs and yes, we did have a great soak in the natural hot springs.  The area is so beautiful and the weather is perfect during the golf season, dry and warmer than most of Canada.  We stayed at a very nice resort there and the staff was very friendly.   Did I mention 15 courses!

Anyway, I shot a 77 on a par 70 course and was very happy with my game. My son, on the other hand, still hasn’t learned how to bounce back when he makes bad shots and he lets it get to him and then it’s all downhill from there.  But I must say that I give partial credit to being on vacation. I was smiling, I was happy being with my boys, the weather was perfect, life was just so good…and my golf game just flowed from all of that.

Now, when I go out to a local course, I do everything I can to re-live those types of vacation feelings.  I stop and smell the flowers, I definitely smile a lot, I make it a point to laugh and joke with my partners. I  really find good feelings in this one word: “Appreciation”

Appreciation for being healthy enough to play. For having eyes to see the green grass and the outdoors. To be able to afford this wonderful activity and how much I have learned from it that I have applied to all aspects of my life.

Golf resort sceneryI mean, c’mon…what percent of the world’s population gets the privelege to play this great sport? Do you realize how lucky we are to have enough abundance to spend money on playing a grownup game?  I can sometimes work myself up into a frenzy of “Appreciation” if I really try. I see so many golfers with serious and sour-puss faces out there on the course. Aren’t we there to have fun? Even Tiger wrote in his book: “Even when I’m grinding in a tournament, I’m still having fun”

I would love to hear your thoughts on either your favorite golf vacation resort or area and why you love it so much.  If you have tips on how to bring that vacation feeling into every game, I want to read that too and share it with everyone as well.

I’m busy planning next year’s golf vacation and can’t wait to discover another golf treasure. Maybe we should meet up there, eh? (I love Canada).

Greens and fairways,


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  • John says:

    What a great thought: What percentage of the world’s population get to play golf (regularly), and we get upset or annoyed when we’re doing it!!!


  • D'Arcy says:

    Hey Craig, there is a group of us from Alberta that go to Radium every year for the last 13 years. You’re right the golfing is great but I can not always say I play my best golf when on vacation, maybe because there is cash on the line.

  • Doug says:

    Nice post Craig!

    You bring to mind the 5 day golf fest in Maui that I had with a good friend and golf buddy. We played 36 holes a day (each 18 holes on a different course) for 4 days capped with an 18 hole match on the last day.

    We had a ball … like kids in a candy store … or like driving Dad’s convertible with the top down. We had smiles on our faces all the time, got along great with each other and felt energized after our trip.

    It is easy to be enthusiastic when you get to indulge in a favorite activity. Being able to apply that enthusiasm to everything in your life would be a worthy goal – except the perpetual sh**ass grin would eventually crack your face!

  • Ian says:

    I played at Whistler golf club, BC last year in July, Awesome!! It seems to me that being relaxed on vacation helps enormously.

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