Weird golf swing trick that triggers “Oily”

52 Ways To Lower Your golf score without practiceTip #33  from my book, “Break 80! 52 Ways To Lower Your Golf Score Without Practice” is about tricking your brain at the time of the swing to put you into the relaxed swing state.  We all know that tension ruins a golf swing. Sam Snead, who had one of the best golf swings of all time was asked what his swing thought was right before he started and he said:  “I try to think Oily.” Now, I don’t know if that’s a technical term but you know what he means and the trick below can help you do that.  If you’ve ever teed up a shot and had NO CARE about where it landed, then you know how this feels and the tip below is designed to help you find it so you can use it on the course, for real. 

Greens and Fairways,



33.  How to get an oily swing


As you can see by now, eliminating problems one by one in your game is the way to get better without practice.   The biggest problem of amateur golfers that I hear most often is that they do pretty well on the range and then can’t bring it over to the course.

After you incorporate this little mental strategy and get it into your body’s intelligence, that could easily be a thing of the past.

This can be done at home, during warmups, or anywhere.  Go through a round or two doing everything else the same except for this:


Right before you start to swing the club, let your conscious mind create an imaginary picture of you hitting this ball off the edge of a cliff or a mountain top.

You’ve already picked your spots and communicated that to your unconscious through your eyes and through setting up your alignment in your pre-shot routine so no worries about target.

golf swing drillsBut, as you swing, fill your conscious mind with the picture in your mind of a shot that can go anywhere into the vastness of that empty air.   

You’ve let go of the outcome and you’ve trusted that unconscious swing as you teach yourself how to have a free flowing swing.

It’s a bit of a mind trick and you will want to rehearse this on the range before a round and/or in your backyard into a net or with whiffle balls, but it works like a charm!

Notice the feeling as you swing with abandon and with the easy rhythm you see the pros with.

Your imagination is a powerful thing and can be the bridge between swings on the range and swings on the course.