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It’s officially 2011 and a new PGA season is under way. Yes, I know you folks down under have b een at it awhile….I’m jealous.  I think it would be great to live there for half a year and here in the states the other half. A true endless summer, yes! I’m dreaming of that right now as I look outside at the snow and ice outside my window.

What I’d like to do is to give you an opportunity to publicly make some predictions for the upcoming golf year.

Put your guesses down below in the comments and then we’ll revisit it at the end of the year and see who has the best foresight in the golf world. You can always go back to this page and show your buddies how accurate you were (if you were!).

I’m predicting that Tiger comes back with a roar…watch out world. I think he’s done the mental work he needs to and his skills just won’t be held back any longer.

I predict a brand new driver from a major company that takes the world by storm (just like every year). And I might even swing it at the pro shop because I just can’t resist it!

Seriously, I’m also going to predict big things from a golfer from this part of the country, Ryan Moore.  He’s from the Seattle-Tacoma area.

I predict that I will play about 12 rounds this year starting in March and ending in October and that my 16 year old son will overtake me in scoring and get into a single digit handicap.  I’m not going to let him mind you!! He’s going to have to earn it, right!?

I predict that there will be a new name that comes out of nowhere to win a major and that major will be the PGA.

Ok, it’s your turn. Put down what you think this year holds for us golfers below

Greens and fairways,


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January 4, 2011 in Misc
  • The Tiger mystique is over. It will be very difficult for him to win again if he
    wins at all. Too many young and old guns have lost their fear and respect
    of him. Plus T’s confidence will never be the same.
    Adams will have another great speedline driver to try out!
    I will break 80 at my home course!

    • Craig says:

      Way to go Michael, I believe you will break 80!

  • John says:

    I predict if Craig starts golfing in March, he will be hunting for little white heads poking out of mud. I think Tiger is at least 1 year away from getting his whole game back together, but even then it will not be the same as before, others will find out they can compete with and beat Tiger. Hank Haney will wish he never took Rush as a golf project. Craig will get his hat handed to him by his son when it comes to golf.

    The last prediction: we all will have wonderful golf games, irrespective of the score.


  • bmwking says:

    a) I say keep your eyes peeled for a up and coming golfer from New Mexico by the name of Tim Madigan … he’s going to light some fires when he turns pro!
    b) I will get down to a 2, 3 or 4 handicap by April (I’m a 7.2 now)
    c) TaylorMade will come out with a “new, longer, straighter driver” … LOL.
    d) I will have a great year making fun of the worst president in history … obummer!


    • Craig says:

      BMWKing. Predictions duly noted. Good luck on b)

  • Phil says:

    After 3 years of listining to you, buying your product,reading you e-mails my hdcp. has gone from 6.9 to 8.4. I predict in 2011 I will go back down to 6.9

    • Craig says:

      Hi Phil, Uggh. That’s not good. What do you have to do to get it back down to 6.9?
      Is your preshot routine purposeful and timed?
      Are you using the compartments and triggers?
      Have you focused the last 3 years on chipping?
      Do you do mental rehearsal of golf shots before you go to sleep on a regular basis?
      Have you tapped into your unconscious swing and putting stroke using the tools?
      Might want to go back and check out the product and ask yourself if you are really using
      it like many others successfully have.
      Greens and fairways,


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