Golf Interview with Fred Greene, podcaster

Below I have an interview with Fred Greene who is the creator of Golf Smarter Podcasts.

Golf Smarter

Fred and I agree on a lot of things and the main theme of our agreement and this hour-long interview below is that there are many ways to lower your score in golf and we are both on a mission to help golfers find the most efficient way to get there.  In other words, how do you get your scores lower with the least amount of time, energy, and money.

Fred has a unique perspective on golf because he has interviewed many teaching professionals of all persuasions and schools.  He is like most of us, an avid golfer with a busy life wanting to get his scores down as part of this great challenge of playing the game!

Fred Greene

I had a lot of fun interviewing him and I think you will find great value in listening to him and taking a look at golf smarter podcasts.

Fred Greene Interview .mp3

Greens and fairways,


  • noorihan says:

    most of the time when when i got tired my ball will shank why this happenend

  • Pierre Girard says:

    Great interview with a ton of insights and a good way to enjoy golf and get better at it. At one point, Fred talks about a clubmaker that was on his show and he had forgotten the name. The guy’s name is Terry Koehler and he is the CEO of Eidolon Golf. He makes probably the best wedges on the market. Go check Eidolon Golf website.

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  • Gordon Mitchell says:

    Thank. We need all the help us 70 yr. olds can get.

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