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There are many ways to increase your distance for any golf shot. One huge way, of course, is to increase your swing speed

I am going to assume for purposes of this article that you want to know how to do it off the tee and with your driver because, let’s face it, if you want to hit the ball longer with anything less than your driver, you simply just pick the next longer club and you’re done.

Having said all that, I do know that there are golfers who want to keep up appearances with their choice of iron for a particular yardage. It’s usually men who have this ego thing going. In other words, they get a little humiliated when they are on a par 3 hole for 150 yards and their partner ask “what club are you using?” The man replies “6-iron.” And then his partner says, “I’m using a 7” and the first man feels weak and then wants to increase his distance to “catch up.”

This may sound silly to some of you but trust me, it happens every day out there on the course. If I just referred to you, then you need to read the rest of my mental game articles or get my Break 80 Without Practice because you have lost sight of the fact that the whole point is to get a lower score and not to look good.

Anyway. The no-practice ways of increasing your distance with your driver comes down to these 2 possibilities. Improving the flexibility and strength of your body and hitting the sweet spot of your clubface more often.  Neither of these require any practice.

To increase distance using your body, the advice is simple: stretch more and incorporate some resistance exercises and you can do this at home.  One simple thing you can do that will have dramatic effects for an increase in distance is to regularly and often squeeze a tennis ball while kicking back at home and watching TV or at the office. This absolutely strengthens your forearms, hands and finger muscles which will translate into a quicker, more powerful whip-like motion right at impact during your swing and thus put more club speed on the ball and send it farther.

Stretching should be often and everywhere throughout your life. Simple stretches for the shoulders and lower body feel great and allow your muscles to really move the body for a more powerful swing. I’ve been doing yoga a lot lately and I have really been pleasantly surprised at how this has helped my golf game. Many pros are doing it as well.  Just stretch yourself a lot more if you want to increase distance.

The problem with this tip is that it’s too simple and most golfers will go back to trying to find the perfect swing because of all the brainwashing coming from the golf industry. I’m sorry to make things so simple and effective that they’re not believable but I am an efficiency fanatic from my days as a Fedex manager.

Then next tip is to focus on that sweet spot of your driver. Put your INTENTION into that spot as the center of your golf world. The more mental energy and attention you expend on communicating to your unconscious mind that that is what you want at the moment of impact, the more likely it is to respond with guiding your body to the balance and precision of movement to make that happen. Think about the sweet spot striking the back of the ball as you drift off to sleep each night for the next week. Bring your driver with you to work each day this week and stand there for just a few seconds holding the club against the ball with both hands in the perfect spot.

The object here is to get the message to the unconscious mind in no uncertain terms that this is the way you drive the ball. When you want to take this to the next level and turbocharge the process, then you’ll want to do golf golf hypnosis and send that message just like a telephone call. Mentally rehearse in a daydream or in golf hypnosis or in slow motion for real with the club in your hands and stop the club at the place of impact with the sweet spot making contact. Freeze that picture in your mind and visit it often.

The more intention you give to this process, the more you WILL hit the sweet spot and your average driving distance will increase. Long distance drivers always advise us: “If you want to hit the ball farther, hit it more solid”

  • John says:

    there is another way to also increase distance, which at the same time increases the ability to keep ball in play on the fairway. The obvious secret……use a shorter driver or irons.

    Hitting the ball in center of any of your clubs will not only guarantee more distance, but also increases the chances of the ball staying in the middle of the fairway.

    Most clubs, to include drivers, are made longer so the user can say they hit the ball further. Yes, maybe, but it increases the chances of not hitting the ball squarely. (BTW, were you ever fitted to your driver, or did you grab the latest, longest club to increase distance?)

    Try this sometime, grip down on your driver or iron an inch or so. You will have to be a touch closer to the ball than normal, because of this, then take your normal swing. It may feel strange at first, but work with it and you might be surprised on the improved straight ball flight and a little additional distance as icing on the cake. Try gripping down and up until you get get the best distance with the best accuracy.

    Distance bragging rights are worthless unless it results in lowering your scores.


    • admin says:

      Excellent advice…thank you for writing

  • Willie says:

    Totally agree about adding distance to your drives by improving your body’s ability to make a powerful swing thru stretching & resistance training.

    The best part is all this “no-practice” training can be done from the comfort of your own home. And it’s free to very low cost. You can pick up some low cost exercise equipment or just do bodyweight exercises.

    Sure beats having to spend on the latest new fad of drivers & irons. That maybe OK for awhile, but if you don’t get your body in shape for golf, your distance & overall game will suffer.

    • admin says:

      Absolultely Willie. The first step is in undoing all the brainwashing that has gone on with us golfers that the only way to get better is to find a perfect swing and practice the heck out of it…it’s not true and all it takes is some creativity. Nice post, thank you.

  • john says:

    This makes all the sence in the golf world. the game is between your ears. I drive a car using my subconscious, why can’t I drive a ball that way!!!

    • admin says:

      John! You’ve hit the nail on the head!!! That’s exactly right and that’s the big picture for everything I teach. Way to go. I love you man!!

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