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How to get in the zone for golf interview I conducted with Kelly Sullivan Walden.

I have read much from sports psychologists about how to get in the zone. Much of it is common sense and even more of it has been talked about ad nauseum and rehashed by everyone. Kelly comes to golf performance improvement from a much different place and I believe is exactly what many golfers have been missing by following all of the standard advice out there.

In this interview, she gives you a mindset of what will get you to the gateway of that zone. Nobody, but nobody can promise you that you can get in the zone at will. If anybody ever figured that out, they would own the world so don’t buy into that b.s. marketing out there.

You can, however, drastically increase your chances and get into FLOW which is the precursor to the zone.  I think that Kelly has really discovered a very time and effort efficient approach that can work for anyone but will be especially valuable to those that don’t have much time to practice. Her website is:  Zone Golf Now

If you really listen, you will find something very powerful here: Right click and “Save as” to Download .mp3 Here

or listen right here:


The full training lasted about an hour and a half and we got into much specifics. If you would like to hear it in it’s entirety, go to golf hypnosis. There, I have a $7  for 7 days trial in the membership.  There are 14 hypnosis sessions on all phases of the game including “The long game series” for increasing distance and improving accuracy, the putting series for confidence and green reading, eliminating the yips, mental game trainings for focus and concentration and eliminating fears. How to improve your golf visualization skills, and how to do self hypnosis…and much more.  All for $7.  Click the graphic below.

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July 16, 2010 in Misc
  • G says:

    Craig, I just listened to the audio and I have to tell you that in my opinion, this is the biggest load of garbage anyone ever attempted to lay on an unsuspecting golf audience.
    It absolutely does not matter what sort of positive bits you inject into your mind, if you don’t already have the golf skills necessary to execute good golf shots, and if you don’t have the ability to use good course management, you are going to struggle mightily on the course.
    I have gone out to play a round with the most positive attitude and good feeling I could possibly have, only to shoot about the same or ever worse score as I would shoot on any given day.
    I know you won’t agree with this back to me, but deep down, you know I am right.

    • admin says:

      (the above comment came in my email and I posted it here and my response below…Craig)

      Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. I don’t agree or disagree with you,
      I just think you’re missing some points that could help you.

      First off, if I were to use your logic, then every time any golfer who spent the week working
      on their swing, taking lessons or hitting golf balls and then had a bad round as a result
      should conclude that those efforts are also worthless.

      Here’s the deal. Feeling great and having a positive attitude is just one part
      of the game. Of course you have to have your fundamentals and skills. I never
      said that you don’t. But the fact remains that if you already know how to hit a golf
      shot well and have done it before a number of times, then you have the ability to
      do it again and again and again, consistently. Hitting a ton of balls on the range
      can also certainly help increase the odds as the myelin is laid down on the neural
      network with each repetition. But it is NOT THE ONLY WAY to improve or get
      into the zone.

      Getting into the zone is a process that starts with an outlook
      on what you’re doing that is like the child in the sandbox. It’s not everything but if you
      have mental roadblocks and self criticisms running through your head as you step up
      to the tee, it is going to play havoc with even the best golfers on the planet. You can’t
      deny that…look at Tiger Woods this year.
      Getting in the zone happens more often and for longer when you do the mental/emotional
      work to prepare for it. It can happen when you can take a short time and bypass all of the stored
      failures that you have had on the course in the past so that they don’t interfere with
      your swing. That’s what this interview is all about.

      Have you felt like you were in the zone before? Even for a few holes. When you were playing
      to your peak? Everybody has this ability.

      Kelly has worked with hundreds of golfers in person with this kind of work with amazing success
      as have I.

      It’s up to you whether you want to believe that you can increase your odds of getting there with
      your thinking, or, you want to stay in the mindset of limitations.

      Thanks again for writing.
      Greens and fairways,


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