Everything a lefty golfer needs to succeed in a right-handed world

Golf instruction for lefties

Right-handers might think that golf instruction for lefties is the same as for them; just switch all references of the word “right” for “left” and vice versa. This is true for the most part according to Bob Charles the original legendary lefty pro golfer, however, many left hand golfers will tell you that it isn’t all that simple.

First off, the pictures in golf instruction are almost always righty. Something gets lost in the lefty mind’s translation when looking at a right-hander swing a golf club and trying to “picture” yourself (as a lefty) in that position. Obviously if you have no other choice, then then changing the words and pictures in your mind is what you must do when looking at any instruction for lefties.

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  1. You can follow the left-handers on the Tours and search the web for pictures of these pros and then apply them to any golf instruction you find that is written for righties. Then all you have to do is reverse left and right wording.
  2. Buy a book or video created by a left-handed professional check these:
  3. The best thing that I can do for you lefties, is to point you in the direction of a website that has taken many of their fundamental lessons and used the computer to change the pictures and the words for you! Private lessons for left-handed players Golf magazine took some of their lessons for right handers, changed the words – right to left and left to right in the instructions, and flipped the pictures over so that they now have visuals of golf instruction for lefties.
  4. More websites of golf instruction for lefties: Left-handed version of “The best in golf” tips done the same way as above. There’s a link to view a printable version there too. Also, check out this UK company – golf instruction for lefties.
  5. View a free motion picture swing of a pro left hander like Phil Mickelson. . When you get to that page, scroll to the bottom and click graphic for golf swings page. There’s loads of videos of pros and celebrities swinging to view for free there.

  6. Golf clubs for lefties

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    Left Handed Pros

    Bob Charles Phil MickelsonGreg Chalmers

    Mike Weir

    Steve Flesch

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