Eastern Philosophies of the Golf Swing

by Sensei Mark Anthony

I’d like to give you an insight into why more and more people are using the Body Golf method to easily learn the golf swing and more importantly, why more and more golf instructors are devising swing training systems after this Eastern teaching model. The Eastern teaching method has been in existence for centuries because it works. Please read on!

The way that I’ve put this system together is the way that martial arts systems are put together. It’s really simple. Please let me explain how a martial arts system is built. On day one, the student is shown something that is needed to build upon for the next lesson. When I say needed, I mean it. The first thing that you learn in a dojo (training hall) is usually how to stand up and move your feet. Why? Because is you can’t stand up and use your feet correctly, you will never learn the rest of the system the way it’s supposed to be learned.

Let me apply a martial arts line of thinking to golf for a second. In the west, most people try to golf at a “black belt” level without ever getting a day-one “white belt” lesson and learning the necessary fundamentals. It’s totally backwards. However, it’s not anybody’s fault. It’s just the way it is.

You see, people get all types of instruction form every kind of source available. There are magazines, tips on TV, buddies putting their two cents in every time you swing, etc, etc. It can get very confusing and before long, you’re so confused, you don’t know who’s telling you the truth, who’s a well-meaning, misguided novice and who really is going to help you. In fact, you’re about ready to give up and resign to the fact that you’ll ALWAYS be a short-hitting hacker, duffer and slicer and never be an ace.

I’ve put Body Golf Full Swing video together the same way that a martial arts system is structured. The very first body movement that you’ll learn (Shoulder Turns) is an absolutely necessary and vital component of a correct golf swing and what you’ll build upon in building your swing throughout the whole program. Without it, you’ll never reach your potential and you’ll never begin to feel what a proper, powerful swing feels like. This exercise is the most vital base movement of the golf swing. Period. At least the way I teach it!

Here’s why I believe the Eastern way to teach golf is superior:
Traditionally in martial arts, there is a formal, disciplined relationship between the student and the sensei (teacher). This relationship is necessary for the students benefit because the reasons that one is doing a certain exercise isn’t always explained to the student. Sometimes, the drills are quite tedious. However, every one of them is considered necessary and has a specific goal.

The sensei tells the student to “do this” and the student does it until he understands why. He doesn’t ask why..that would be very disrespectful. He just does it. Westerners would think this as arrogance. It’s quite the opposite. There are many reasons for this method of teaching.

Here in the West, we’re so wrapped up in wanting to know everything about everything, that we get lost in the “whys” instead of learning the “how-tos.”
If the sensei were to go on and on with an explanation of all of the physics involved in a simple punch, he’d cloud the students mind so badly that he would never learn a most simplest of day-one techniques. This is called information constipation, and is the biggest reason that most amateur golfers can’t hit the ball straight. It’s just more economical to do it the Eastern way. Why confuse the student?

“Wax on, wax off.”
With the Eastern way, the teacher is not wrapped up in needing to explain the deeper meanings and reasons that everything works. Like I said before, the student is told to “do it this way” and he does it. He’ll learn the what’s and why’s later. In the beginning, he needs a foundation in the proper mechanics and there’s only one way to do this…by doing it, not analyzing it. If you remember the old “wax on, wax off” drill from the movie The Karate Kid. You’ll know what I mean here.

My Tai-Chi swing!
The method that I teach is a simple way to “burn in” the necessary mechanics that 99% of amateur golfers have no idea how to use, and, what keeps them from breaking 80, 90 or even 100. The slow deliberate practice of the Tai-Chi swing at the end of the video is borrowed from an ancient Eastern way to train body movement first developed centuries ago by the founders of Tai-Chi Chuan.

Considered the father of all Eastern martial arts, Tai Chi is learned and trained in meticulous slow motion and constantly refined over a lifetime of practice.

Tai Chi uses the same exact technique to generate power in strikes that golfers use to hit long straight shots without big muscles. However, without the proper mechanics and the use of correct body structure, generating effortless power is impossible. Hence the slow, deliberate practice utilized and refined over a lifetime.

My video is a great step-by-step tutorial on how to develop a smooth fluid, effortless swing in 30 days or less and I give you my personal guarantee that you’ll learn what makes a swing powerful and effective in the opening minutes. Give it a try and see why people all over the world are using this system to quickly and easily improve their swing and overall game.


Mark Anthony,┬áhas created the most amazing series of golf videos based on his extensive study and training of golf swing principles and martial arts. Called “Body Golf“, now you can join the Masters in using your body to it’s full effective force and potential.

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    I became intriqued with your discussion about eastern methods applied to golf swing. I studied Karate for a couple of years and what you say is really true about not worrying about why you do things initially but just learn to do them first. One discouraging aspect was that the sales page for the Body Golf showed that it has been sold out. Are you planning to reopen it anytime soon?


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      Hi Jim,
      The sales page for the Body Golf is from a different company. I don’t have anything to do with it. Looks like there is a
      Contact link to ask them that.

      I posted this article just because I thought it interesting. My teenage boy
      is a Tae Kwan Do black belt and martial arts just fascinate me. Thanks for writing.
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