New certifications

Well, I just got back from spending the summer in Southern California. Yes, I know, it was a tough gig but somebody had to do it right?
Some of you have been wondering why I’ve been so quiet online for the last few months.

I went down there to complete advanced trainings in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Hypnosis and Timeline techniques.
So now, I’m a certified trainer of those therapies. I am qualified to set up my own company training others to become practitioners and master practitioners as I have been.

Although I don’t plan on doing fulll-fledged training courses like that, I do plan on using this knowledge to train folks in specific applications of those techniques in resolving different human issues such as golf, sport, pain, etc.

Right now, however, my first priority is to redo my golf websites and set up my office to do more one-on-one work to help folks achieve their greatness. This I love and will be writing about it as I get into it more. These technologies are so powerful and center around the concept of “The Breakthrough”

You see, there’s 3 requisites for change:

1. Clear negative emotions, beliefs, decisions, integrate parts, align values and generally get rid of all the old baggage in a person’s history.

2. Action

3. Focus

The Breakthrough process deals with #1 and begins #2 with tasks assigned to jumpstart that. Then, if the client wants to, can transition into a Coaching relationship to help with #2 and #3.

It’s all well and good to have affirmations and positive suggestions with or without hypnosis for #2 and #3, but if you haven’t dealt with #1, then the same issues are always going to come bubbling up under the surface of your temporarily happy face.

I went through my own breakthrough in my trainings and I cannot believe how powerful it was and motivating. I wish this for everyone so that they too can break through their barriers as I have.
Greens and fairways,

Scary golf

Those of you on my list for awhile have probably noticed some changes of late. There will be even more on the way as I continue to work on upgrading all my sites. My webskills and marketing skills keep getting better and better and I spend many hours on these sites making them useful and informative. Unfortunately, it has meant that this year, 2006, I haven’t golfed near as much as I did in 2005. In fact, as of today, I’ve only put in about 6 rounds since starting up.
Now, having said that, I would have thought my game would deteriorate from last season. It gets too cold for me around December and I pick up the clubs again in March. I have, however, been working on my mental game and of course spending a lot of time researching how our mind works for golf and other things.
But it was still a big surprise to me that my game has actually improved!! I thought that maybe I would be able to barely break 80 not having played much. About 6 weeks ago, I played a round with a local Break 80 member, Ed. It was on a Sunday morning at 7:30. I show up, putt a few to test the greens and then walk over to the first tee. No warmup, no balls on the range, just some good stretching.
I mentally regress myself to some great shots I’ve had and the feelings of playing in the zone and to make it short, I end up shooting a 74 on this course. Now it’s not a terribly difficult course at a rating of 67.1 but I played about as well as I ever had in the past.

And before this round, I hadn’t played in 3 weeks! That’s what was scary.

2 weeks later, last week, I went to Klamath Falls, Oregon with my boys for a vacation. I took them golfing at a local course there.
On an unfamiliar course and with my 8 year old (who doesn’t play) climbing on and over me and generally making it tough to concentrate, I shot a 77.
It just seemed so easy! Last year, my biggest problem was putting. This year so far, not a problem at all as I had 3 birdies drop from over 10 feet. That’s where I put the most intention during the offseason.

Look, I’m not saying this to brag. I just want you to know what is possible. I haven’t gone to the range at all this year. I haven’t hit any chips in my backyard. I haven’t had any lessons.
All I’ve done is use the techniques I teach and pound them into my head whenever I think about it.
The biggest thing though, is that I have really started to get in touch with my unconscious mind and it’s automatic processes through regular hypnosis and meditation.
Tell ya more later on that..
Greens and fairways,


A funny thing has happened to me over the course of the last year. I’ve developed some intuition! 2 years ago, if you’d asked me about the word intuition, I would say that it is a word that only goes after the word “women’s”
Ever since I began my studies of hypnosis and NLP, strange things have been happening. Good things that I now believe are well within all of our capability.
I recently had a phone call with a professional life coach for his guidance as I am desiring to move into that field. I began to tell him about my experiences in this area and he just sort of chuckled like he was telling me…”no duh” as my boys would say.
I will just be sitting here at the computer typing away or building a webpage or something and then I’ll have an idea that I haven’t contacted a friend in a while and I’m wondering what they are up to.
So I send them an email. 5 minutes later, the phone rings and it’s the person I sent the email to except that they are nowhere near a computer or their email.
Now, the first couple times this happened, I brushed it off as coincidence.
But it keeps on happening!
My coaching mentor says that we just have to tuned into the little urges and voices that are sometimes very subtle. He also said that most men not only aren’t tuned in as many women are, but that they actively block these messages.
Big mistake. The power here is in listening to this inner guidance.
Haven’t you heard of stories of some folks who refuse to get on a plane or train or car because they are certain that there will be an accident, and then it happens?
One of the world’s top tennis coaches, Vic Braden, had the ability to say when a player was going to double-fault on a serve right at the point when the player had thrown the ball in the air on the second serve. He said of his ability “It literally scared me. I was getting twenty out of twenty right, and we’re talking about guys who almost never double-fault”
I have a great book recommendation for you that talks about this and other valuable points:
“Excuse me your life is waiting”

This is the power of the unconscious mind that I study.

Golf Hypnosis

I went to the American Board of Hypnotherapy convention a few weeks ago. I took more trainings and seminars from some very talented and brilliant people and am grateful that I had the opportunity to do that. I know that you will benefit as I pass along what I learn.
The whole conference was one big long discussion on how to activate and use the powers of our unconscious mind. If you are on my newsletter list, you know that this is where your true mind power is.
One of the amazing people I learned from, Daniel Cleary, really convinced me that there is so much more to hypnosis than just getting someone to relax and giving them suggestions. In fact, he taught us how to achieve most of the change before even doing any induction! It’s all about showing people how to access their own resources for whatever it is they want to get. What was really empowering was in the realization and application of a person’s past successes toward new successes. It seems that many of us just focus far too much on our shortcomings and ignore what we have already accomplished and how we got there.
For golf and other sports and outcomes, it is the hypntherapist’s job to help the client locate those strengths and attributes! The hypnosis part is secondary. I believed this intrinsically but it was powerful for me to have this affirmed by an experienced therapist.
I’m working on a new website for my hypnotherapy practice-building and marketing.

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Break 80 Without Practice Members visits!

February 13th, 2006

Some of you reading this are Members of my “Without Practice” program. Purchasing my program ( gets you lifetime access to all I offer there; primarily, the Online Classics Book library that I’ve created. I take classic golf books that I have the rights to, digitize them and post them on a password protected member’s page. I will eventually make this a separate paid product when it gets large enough as another book gets posted about every other month.

In addition to that they also get the special newsletter I write and member’s pages of stuff I find on the web for us busy golfers.

Better than all of that for me is that I get to interact with so many golfers from around the world!

This last year, I took a family vacation trip to Las Vegas. Since I was bringing my clubs, I decided to look in my customer database and find someone in Vegas to golf with. Well, I found Chuck Houston and we arranged to have a round of golf together! Chuck took me to his club, Spanish Trail
and I had a fantastic time with him! He was a perfect host and golf partner and his club was beautiful. I didn’t play so well but we still keep in contact and you bet the next time I go to Vegas I’ll be calling him up.

Since that went so well, I did it again on a trip to San Diego in July and golfed with members Scott and Jan Lopez. We golfed Balboa Park Muni and afterward had dinner and margaritas in San Diego’s old town.

Next up, I made a Fall trip to Seattle. I hooked up with Ray from Bellevue and his buddies. We had a great time playing Jackson Park and sharing golf stories although I think I talked his ear off a bit during the round and afterwards sharing a pitcher. Ray recently emailed me to tell me that he shot 78 in winter conditions and has found consistency!

Listen, maybe you and I can hook up for a round or two eh? I love to travel and see new places.
Go to and use the contact form or sign up to receive my newletter and you can respond to any of the messages there to get me. I’m saving up now to make a trip to New Zealand to see that beautiful place and golf with another member!

2005 golf highlights

Before I go on, I guess I’d better get you up caught up with some highlights of 2005. First off, I hit my first hole-in-one of my life! Yes, it was on a 162 yard par 3 at West Richland G.C. For some reason, I had been hitting my 7-iron with a draw that day and so on this hole, I just decided to allow for it and aimed right of the green. Darned if that ball didn’t make a big curve to the left and head for the flag. My buddy Greg and I heard it hit the flag but couldn’t see it on the green. I asked him to go up and check the hole and THERE IT WAS! I hope you get to experience that someday it is one of golf’s finest!

Next, I scored my first sub-par round of my life! This was a 71 on Sun Willows G.C., in Pasco playing from the blues at 6785 yards on June 15th. What really surprised me about this round was that I was 1 over after the front 9. This after taking a double bogey on the 3rd hole. So never give up! But the lesson I learned very distinctly is that once I thought I didnt’ have any chance to break my old scoring record of 73, that’s when I relaxed and put myself in a state where I COULD play my best! Amazing how that works huh?

What else? I changed to putting sidesaddle this year and had the best rounds of putting and more birdies than ever. What the heck is sidesaddle? It’s where you putt facing the target with the putter at your side. The stroke is straight backward and forward. Now, I will admit to also having some rounds where I couldn’t make anything but overall, my putting improved drastically from years before which definitely helped me finish out the year with a handicap of 5.2.


Welcome to my personal blog! It’s here that I will post my rantings and ravings that, well, just don’t seem to belong in written form anywhere else. For those that don’t know me, the one thing I hope you’ll get from me is that I’m a regular person just like you. I’ve got hopes and dreams and fears and faults the same as anyone. And, I love meeting, writing to and talking with people everywhere.
A quick history might be in order here. I was born in 1963 and grew up in Southern California. After graduating from Cal State Long Beach with a Finance degree, I moved to Seattle, WA with nothing but an old Dodge Colt, my clothes, my golf clubs and my fishing gear. I really enjoyed Orange County but the outdoors was calling me and my brother Mark helped me establish in the Northwest U.S. I also have another brother Eric and a sister Janelle.

Within the first year, I got married and was hired at Fedex Corp as a courier/driver. I always thought that was a temporary job while I figure out what “business” I wanted to create for myself. One of those ideas took us to moving to the Portland, Oregon area. That venture didn’t work out but I was still with Fedex and we liked the area so we settled down and ended up having 2 boys. The first few years, I golfed and fished a lot but soon felt again the need to stretch myself with classes and more business ideas.

I ended up taking a management job at Fedex that brought us to Tri-cities, Washington at the SE corner of the state. After 15 years and the last 4 years of pure stress at that job, I accepted a golden opportunity of a severance package as Fedex was downsizing. Here was my chance.

At the beginning of 2005, I began my internet business with my passion: golf. I didn’t know a thing but was determined to do whatever it took to make it happen. I had read many times that the biggest key to success or achieving an outcome is persistence and so I just went with that!

2005 turned out to be a year of change and experience for me. I completed training to become certified in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as Time Line Therapy. I learned much from 2 mentors in internet marketing and my little business began to take off better than I imagined. But, on the other hand, my marriage fell apart and we became divorced. I wish her the best of everything in her life and I tell my boys that they are very lucky to have such a good caring mother.

I am still nuts about this crazy game of golf. It’s absolutely true that I was a 90’s shooter for many many years and now, I ended up 2005 with my handicap at 5.2. I play once a week in season, sometimes two and I still don’t practice. It’s not that I don’t have the time to work on my game now, I do. But I want to stay connected to all those millions of folks who love this game, want to improve, but really have more important obligations in their life than spending time on the range.

Golf has led me to so many different avenues of exploration, especially in the mind, and I hope to share this with you so that you can Crush Your Barriers to whatever you want that is waiting for you on the other side.

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