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52 Ways To Lower Your golf score without practiceTip #18  from my book, “Break 80! 52 Ways To Lower Your Golf Score Without Practice” is about breaking free from the slavery of all the tips out there.  Haha, yep, I am going to actually rip on myself with this tip and tell you to enjoy the irony. Golfers who want to improve are generally a very open-minded, coachable group.  You want to improve, you want to experience the joy of lowering your score and the feelings of accomplishment you get from applying yourself to a a goal.  Yeah, me too! The problem comes in when you start to realize that golf instructors contradict each other regularly!  Who are you supposed to listen to?  I’ve got great news for all golfers…what is good for a touring pro may not be good for you.  What is good for a beginner, may hurt your game.  What one instructor teaches and professes to get great results with for his students….could actually be the worst thing you can do for your game!  There is no one way to golf. There is no one way to think about golf. There is no one set of clubs that are best for all, or even most golfers.  You need to be your own coach and trust your instincts.  

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18.   View all golf advice with skepticism

best golf advice

Not all golf advice is good for you!

Listen, golf instruction is sort of like religion. Everyone thinks their way is the best way and that they have figured out how all golfers should swing, putt, chip, etc.

The best instructors are the ones that have many tools and techniques in their bag and they have enough experience to sense what is most appropriate for a particular individual, and then tailor it to him or her.

You play a unique game, have a unique swing, have your own body style and ways of thinking and moving.

What makes you think a cookie-cutter system is going to work for you just because it worked for someone else?

“You can borrow, and you can steal, but don’t copy- that’s my tip for today. Take a little from here, a little from there, a little from everywhere. Then make it all your own. Fiddle with things until you get something that works for you. It has to be a natural movement for you or it won’t hold up when it counts.” – John Daly from Golf My Own Damn Way

best golf adviceI like John’s advice.  I haven’t taken a lesson in 17 years as of this writing and have been studying golf the whole time.

I stay away from most swing instruction AND I recognize that there is some great stuff out there to help you and so I will recommend it.

But you have to be the one to decide if it fits you.

I give you full permission to fully ignore, scoff at, or reject any golf instruction you run across (including mine here) and go with whatever strikes you that it will work for you.

Start to discriminate a lot more about what you will incorporate into your game and you will save strokes and frustration.