Arnold Palmer discusses fundamental golf swing tips

Arnold Palmer swing has always been very unique. The following swing tips are from his book: “Hit it Hard”. This was written in 1961 at the peak of his career and a year he won the British Open. He has been swinging a club since he was 3 years old and despite his success, he said that he only hits 2-3 perfect shots per round! There’s hope for us average joes. See links on this page will lead you to more golf swing programs to help you create your best swing. On with the swing tips:

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Arnold Palmer golf tip Swing- Grip : If you don’t hold the club right, you have no chance for a good swing. I have always used the overlapping, or Vardon grip with the little finger of my right hand over the index finger of the left hand.
The left hand is the key. When you swing, you get the impression you are hitting the ball with the back of your left hand.

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Arnold Palmer golf tip swing- Stance: Don’t stand at attention. The knees are flexed, and the arms are held naturally, neither reaching nor pulled back to the body. The left foot is pointed slightly out and weight evenly distributed between the feet. One thing applies to everybody. Be comfortable. If you have the feeling that you are standing in an awkward position, you’re licked before you start.

Arnold Palmer golf tip swing- Takeaway: The first movement of the club head, the first 12 inches away from the ball, is the most important foot of a golf swing. The secret is to take the club away from the ball slowly on a line almost parallel with the ground. Do it deliberately. It is essential that everything starts at once. In order to hit the ball properly, the odds are against a fast movement back because it throws all the moving parts of your body out of rhythm.

Arnold Palmer golf tip- Full swing: On my drives I concentrate on moving the left shoulder under my chin with a slow, deliberate action until I reach the top of my backswing. Now is the time to turn on the power. I have the feeling that my left hand is pulling the club down. You should be able to feel the weight leaving the right side before you start thinking about hitting the ball. This prevents a quick uncocking of the wrists at the top of the swing and resultant loss of all power. It also helps avert a slice, which takes all the distance from the hit. When the swing has started through and the hands are moving down, let the club head fly, making certain the effort seems late to insure the last-second break of the wrists.

Arnold Palmer golf tip swing bio Finish high: Once contact is made with the ball, the job is only half-done. If you don’t take the swing on to its completion high and around the shoulders, you’re wrong. There is a tendency to stop at impact. Scholars of the game tell me that if you start from the shoulders on the backswing, it’s only normal that you must finish at the same height on the follow-through. I don’t think the follow-through, of itself, has anything to do with the flight of the ball. All the hitting action is produced when the club is behind the ball. But there is no way you can stop at contact with the ball and not follow through, unless you started putting on the brakes before the hit. That’s why there must be a follow-through – to insure that you move the club forcefully throughout the downswing.

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