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Welcome to Craig Sigl’s Blog. Who the heck am I?

Well, that’s a loaded question. I usually like to find out about someone by asking what their passions are. I think more than anything else, that is what defines us and drives us to act on anything. You know, those things we do with seemingly no effort. We feel like we are “pushed” by an invisible force to make it happen. We can’t NOT do it!
Some folks say they are driven by money. I would ask them what will that money get for them. Some say it’s religion or God. I would ask them “for what purpose?”

No matter what the answer, it’s right..It’s You! Having said that, my passions are to explore, to experience, to travel, to discover, to learn, to interact,….and to teach.

If I were financially free, and I’m working hard on that, then I think that I would spend my days going to classes, reading books, taking seminars, travelling the world and then using what I learn to make a difference in others lives, as many as possible.

“If we’re not growing, we’re dying”

Lately I’ve come up with some big Aha’s. You know, those light-bulb ideas that sound the bells in your head like…Eureka, I’ve got it now! In no particular order:
1. Belief is everything

2. Everything we do can be boiled down to emotions and feelings

3. We are exactly what we think we are and we project that to others
4. We have an unconscious mind and that’s where our untapped potential lies

5. There is a God. Just one.

6. There is another dimension or field out there that we can’t sense with our normal states of consciousness

7. Everyone has a purpose and meaning for their life. The concept of “Love” in it’s many forms is part of this.

8. I will have more revelations and ideas as I go along…I will never stop learning

Ok, here are my little “Aha’s” and passions.

I have 2 boys. I love to camp and play games with them and their friends. I really enjoy golfing and fishing, especially fly fishing. Yes, I let the fish go and give them the respect of life in the process. I love to play sports and games with anyone. Watching them on TV is fun too. I really enjoy just sitting with another person and talking about life, people, and how the universe works. I could do that for hours.
Since I was a teenager, I loved listening to hard rock music, until recently. My studies are showing me how some environmental choices we make affect our strength and ability to think and act powerfully and clearly. I will still occasionally indulge in some of my old favorites like Deep Purple, Rush, The Cult and 80’s metal for anchored nostalgia regression purposes. And now, most of my musical listening time is with Hypnotic Music and Sounds.

I read about a book or 2 a month. Some of my favorites are:

Holographic Golf, Confidence, The China Study, Blink, Everything You Need To Know To Feel Go(o)d, Overachievement, Influence, Inner Golf, Holographic Universe, Quantum Healing, Psychocybernetics, Superlearning. There’s more…I’m one of Amazon’s best customers.

My history? Ok, here it is. Grew up in Southern California with both parents, 2 brothers and one sister. I now feel very fortunate to have been placed in such a great family. The more I talk with folks, the more I find that to be the exception and I’m grateful for it, especially my parents.

Went to College and earned my degree in Business Finance. Wish I’d studied Psychology now. I moved to the Northwest at age 25 to see the great beauty of nature and play in it.Hired on with  Fedex Express and got married soon after. Both boys born in Portland OR area after we relocated there as I continued to seek out my own business opportunity.

It never happened until I accepted a severance package from Fedex after 15 years. Divorce happened right after that. I began my new adventure with www.break80golf.com

Breaking 80 is about scoring in the 70’s in the game of golf but it represents much more than that to me. It means breaking through every self-imposed barrier we have. And I’ve got a few more to crush yet; some mine, some others.

“Few really believe, the most believe that they believe…or even make believe”


Craig Sigl is a Speaker, Trainer. and Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, NLP and Time Empowerment techniques. You can find everything he is involved in on his Business site including phone, address and email contact info at: