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Swing tip to stop slicing off the tee

52 Ways To Lower Your golf score without practiceTip #38  from my book, “Break 80! 52 Ways To Lower Your Golf Score Without Practice” is about a simple way to fix your slice swing OR, to put more draw on your normal shot with one move and without changing anything else about your swing.  

That’s the key, don’t do anything else but what I describe below in the tip in the book and in the video I did more recently where I have more details on this tip and a video here

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38.  Emergency fix for slicing golf

Slice setup golf swingI used to be a regular slicer or power fader.  Once I learned how to draw (hook), my game actually got worse.

I later dialed in tight to that sweet place smack dab in the middle of both extremes using mental techniques.

I am now going to tell you how I cured my slice forever, in a 5-minutes lesson from a pro.

I have since passed this tip in the middle of many rounds to golfers who have asked for it with instant, very dramatic results.

Many slicers have no concept about the direction their shoulders are pointing. Hold a club against the fronts of the shoulders at address and look to see where the club is now pointing. 98% of slicers will have the club pointing left (for right handers) of the target.

Grab their shoulders from behind and point that club to the right of the Shoulder Turn To hit drawtarget and tell them to swing without changing that position of the shoulders.

Some will open their shoulders up again on the swing and you have to give them feedback on that by watching.  You can do this for yourself using video or a mirror at home.

Most instructors teach something about “rolling or rotating the wrists over” but that is a forced move and assumes a lot of things that just aren’t there for a long time slicer.

Once you hold the shoulders in a closed position, everything else falls into place.  Slicers might want to exaggerate keeping everything constant and not swinging their regular swing at first.

Instead, find the “feeling of keeping the shoulders in a closed position a lot longer than a normal shot.”

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December 27, 2017 in Swing