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Tiger Woods Troubles

So I’m lying here on my bed this weekend sick with the flu and contemplating weakness. I couldn’t swing a club 10 mph right now let alone play a decent game. My body just pretty much told me I need a break and it shut me down. My thoughts started flowing from weakness to our hero, Tiger Woods. Here’s a quote I pulled from ESPN:

“But 2010 — the Lost Year — has been a direct byproduct of Woods’ personal and professional issues. He has gone 11 consecutive rounds without breaking 70, tying the second-longest such stretch of his pro career. Five more rounds of 70-plus and he breaks his record.”

Conclusion, if the greatest golfer in the world is not immune to mental problems messing up his game, what makes us think we are any better? And this guy is said to be the most mentally tough athlete on the planet!

Did you ever think about why there is a “home field advantage?” Why is it that grown men and women don’t play as well on visiting playing fields/arenas as they do from their home? It sounds all so silly. They play on the same exact dimensions at home as when visiting and yet, many is the team that has a poor away record.

Does this happen in golf? You bet it does. Don’t you feel differently on your home course than one you’ve only played once on a practice round? Why does all of this happen? How do we prevent or turn it around?

What happens in all cases (except my flu), is that our perceptions of things become more than just fleeting thoughts. They actually sink into the muscles and tissues and cause interference. Look up “applied kinesiology” or “muscle testing.”
You see, we have zillions of neurons firing all of the time and when we put intention into something, those neurons follow patterns to get that something done. Tiger Woods has created some serious interference in his neural network that actually gets in the way of his intentions to win again. Every time he thinks about his problems, he strengthens that interference.

If you have perceptions or learnings during a time when you have strong emotions, well now you’ve got a double whammy.

Bottom line…disempowering thoughts literally get stuck in the body whether they are right now: “I can’t buy a putt” or from a couple months ago during a divorce. The mind affecting the body is real my fellow golfers.

There is a solution, you can get rid of that interference. There’s actually multiple ways but I only practice one of them. You can do accupuncture, you might get lucky with counseling, and there are various forms of “energy” work. I use golf hypnosis.

I can’t wait to see how Tiger does next year. Tiger has done hypnosis and other forms of mediation since he was 13 and I”m betting he’ll come back to his old self next year. He still has the skills and tools, physical and mental. You want to make it a regular habit to find ways to “let go” of your chokes, mistakes and other interference however you do it…or it will continue to haunt you.

Greens and fairways,

How to review online golf instruction

There are a lot of websites and golf instruction programs out there on the web these days. Some are headed by big name golf instructors with some touring pros behind their name. Others are by amateur golfers who have figured it out….and everything in between.

So how do you know how to pick the golf instruction that will work for you that is delivered online? Because let’s face it, if we could get our instruction from a golf instructor who knew the best way to TEACH ME, then that would be optimal. Unfortunately, there are many golf pros who have their “pet” program and they try to fit everyone into it.

Canadian golf course

If it isn’t confusing enough to find a good instructor in person, I can see how choosing a program online is even more tricky. Let me see if I can give you some helpful advice to ferret out the bad from the good.

The first thing that I would want to know before I spent one dollar on anything is…do they have a good guarantee and do they actually fulfill on that promise if the customer asks for one. I, for one, make this a top priority for everything I do and anyone I recommend to you as well.

The next thing that I want to know, is does the instructor actually golf well! You would be shocked to learn how many people out there are selling online golf instruction and do not golf themselves. Many of these sites are run by very good internet marketers who don’t have a clue about how to golf or how to instruct golfers. You would also be very surprised to know how many “mental game gurus” out there couldn’t golf their way out of a paper bag.

golf view

driveable downhill par 4

Another big one is getting instruction on ALL facets of the game. I think the best instruction will be well-rounded for driving, putting,
short game, and the mental game. And there will be enough info that you will never run out of strategies and drills to work on over time to continue improving

Finally, you want to choose golf instruction that is fit to you and your game. This is a biggie and let me explain it a bit. Many times, the top golfers in the world have no clue how to teach average golfers how to improve. Conversely, the pro who spends every day working with golfers with handicaps over 20 probably doesn’t know what it takes to put a golfer on tour.

For example, I’ve read so many tips from Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods over the years that should be completely ignored by MOST golfers except those going for a tour card. Remember, I’m an efficiency fanatic and I want to get to my goal as fast and with the minimum amount of effort that I can. This means that you need to focus on what is most likely to bring your scores down and not what Phil and Ernie are doing lately. Be selective and don’t get carried away by the big names…they play a different game than most golfers.

Review golf instruction online for what seems to match where you are at. Read between the lines of advertising and banners for honesty. There is no silver bullet to dropping 10 strokes from your game in 5 minutes with one magic swing move.

I hope this helps you in separating the wheat from the chaff of online golf instruction.

Greens and fairways,

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