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Just Hit it Straight dammit!

You want the ball to go straight. You take lessons to line up your body parts and you hit practice balls all day long to try to make this happen.  Just hit it straight dammit! Right?  I’m here to tell you that this is the essence of the game…stop confusing it all up and making it difficult.

I’m also constantly asked about how to get Focus into your game. Of course, I usually answer that the secret is to golf with your unconscious mind and have a system for playing that allows that to happen WHILE having fun.

The following is  a shortcut for you and it was sent to me by one of my clients.  See how this can apply to you. It could just solve a huge amount of your problems…he asked to remain anonymous….

Greens and fairways,



Dear Craig,

Thank you very much for the e-mail and a happy new year to you too. The New Year celebrations loom large in the lives of us Scots and I’m afraid some of the health issues you promote go out the window.
I want to share with you something that happened to me me and three golfing friends yesterday which I think  think helps to demonstrate the power of non negative thoughts at address.
Every year a whole bunch of us go way on a golf trip somewhere in the UK in the Spring and yesterday 4 of us decided to “recce” a course we fancied playing but didn’t know. Unfortunately, when we got there the place was enveloped in fog but having driven about two hours to get there we decided to play anyway.
What followed was very curious: none of us knew the course at all and had no idea on any tee what was beyond 100 yards i.e. we could not see any hazards, be they ponds, bunkers, out-of-bounds. burns or rough. All we knew was a rough direction in which the green lay.
Well, the guys I play with are not at all accurate off the tee but yesterday we were all banging the ball down the middle – straight off the tee and when the round was finished we all remarked upon this which gave me an opportunity to share some of the golf psychology stuff I’ve been learning from your programme and I have to say it made sense to them that if there was no visual imagery of trouble that the brain could see they seemed to swing better.
Also, I thought there existed a kind of “no blame” attitude so if they found trouble it wasn’t really their fault and they relaxed more. One of the guys is now contemplating wearing a gauze veil in future.
Whist writing I would like you to know that the most beneficial thing I have learned from the cd’s is to smile a lot. You’re right! It’s impossible to have negative thoughts while smiling and I do it a lot now and I find the whole game so much more enjoyable regardless of the outcome.
I’m an 11 handicapper so I normally shoot in the low 80’s but I do believe this will be year the one in which I become single figure man and, in the main, it will be down to a better mental condition.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and I look forward to more info from you.
Here’s another trick…go out and play a practice round with nothing longer than your 5-iron. This will teach you some amazing things about strategy, the value of keeping the ball in play, and how well your chipping really is and where you should be spending any practice time you can…even if it’s just in your backyard…