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Play golf in the zone

I am working with folks every day in my office for such things as chronic pain relief, weight loss, sports performance and various other such problems. Yes, I use hypnosis, NLP and other unconscious communication techniques. With every client, I teach them how to PLAY or LIVE in the zone over the course of a few sessions. This doesn’t generally happen overnight but the more I do this work, the more I am finding that it takes care of everything!

In other words, we can do specific interventions to solve specific problems but guess what, the unconscious mind (ucm) finds other ways to manifest the greater problem…and the client just trades one problem for another.

I received a question from one of the members who has gone through my CD program and has a serious golf problem that he hasn’t been able to solve with any amount of practicing.  Here’s the part of my answer that teaches him some basics of how to PLAY and LIVE in the zone.  It’s really quite simple folks…most of you over-analyze everything (so do I at times).

…stop trying to “fix the problem” that obviously hasn’t worked for awhile. Time to do something different. You’ve been giving a lot of thought energy to this problem for awhile I’m guessing and that actually makes it worse. Put it aside and watch it go away from the following steps.  Believe that it will and that you have the keys to make that happen…

Step 1. Set an intention.
Your intention is not to fix this problem. It is to establish communication with your ucm and play in the zone all of the time.
Sit down one day quietly in your easy chair and relax. Talk to yourself as you understand the paradigm I’ve explained here and in the program.  Make friends with your ucm, call him (Name) #2 if you want.  You must put all of your heart into this while in a completely easy, relaxed state. Believe that what you are doing is as REAL as anything else you’ve done in your life…because it is. It’s at least as REAL as your problem is now isn’t it?  Make a big deal afterward about what you did. Be happy about it.

Step 2. Repetition
Every night before you go to bed, go over what you did in step 1. Continue the conversation and make friends and ask your ucm to support you in your golf game. Tell it that the game makes you happy, relieves stress (it better or your ucm won’t help you out. If it doesn’t, that may be why it is causing the problem so that you quit the game.), improves your health with the exercise, movement, and fresh air and is
all good for the body.  If golf isn’t good for your body, then your ucm will do things to make you quit.

Step 3. Let it all go.
You need to do a ceremony for yourself about forgiving yourself for all the misses. Do this like in step 1 in your easy chair. Go over all the misses of this problem that you can remember and state something about those that you can’t. Forgive yourself with all the love you can conjur up.
Clear all that out and then fall asleep to a nice little nap.

Step 4. Play the game for fun
Go out and play some rounds ONLY with the idea that you are going to have fun this time. You don’t care about your score. Notice how your body feels and what you are thinking about as you play this way. When you make mistakes (and you will), remember that you forgive yourself easily for them and laugh about them.  Open your senses to the sights, sounds, smells, feel, even tastes of the golf course. Pay
very close attention to what your senses take in and nothing else while having fun on the course.  Really enjoy everything about being on a golf course and doing your favorite activity.  See how much fun you really can have. Laugh and smile a lot!
Step 5. Repeat and reinforce on and off the course.
Do all the steps above in your mind any time you have spare moments to think or daydream. Smile and laugh at how easy this all becomes.
Think about the reasons why you play golf in the first place. On the course, smile a heck of a lot more while thinking of these things.
Know that you are in the process of not only playing IN THE ZONE…but LIVING IN THE ZONE.

Let me know how it goes.

Greens and fairways,