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Scoring Barriers

So many golfers get stuck at a certain scoring level. Why can’t I break 80 or 90 or whatever?  This is why I named this break 80 golf because I was in the same boat for years. I tried everything…lessons, range practice, I read all the best magazine articles, I bought products, etc. etc.

I had never been a failure at anything! And for 20 years, this golf thing had me beat. I couldn’t “figure” my way out of it. I couldn’t “will” my way to making it happen. Then, one day, I give up the game. I throw in the towel. I put the clubs in that corner of the garage that you know you don’t see very often.

And then…a few months later, one fine day, it happened on a weekend trip to Central Oregon. I not only finally broke 80, but I shot a 77! It was unbelievable to me…and so easy it was surreal.

Looking back and knowing what I know now I believe I have the answers as to how I really did it.

The most important thing is…I stopped “trying.”

Yep. Now, I’m not saying that I gave up my idea of breaking 80. But I did stop practicing and grinding about the whole thing.

I want you to think about the word “try” or “trying” for a moment here now. In my therapy office, whenever a client says the word “try” like in: “I really want to try this hypnotherapy” to see if it works.  I then, stop them right there and ask them to to “try” to grab a pen I hold in my hand. They are always successful at grabbing the pen because I just hold my hand there open and they grab it. I then tell them that they didn’t follow my instructions.

If they had followed my instructions, they would have made  attempts at grabbing the pen and then not succeeded. I then explain that if I would have said to “grab the pen” then that would have followed my instructions.

What’s the point here? First of all, we do not use the word “try” in my office except when talking about “trying” a new food that is healthy to see if the client likes it or not (for my weight loss clients).

Language is important. Sometimes your unconscious mind is listening…and sometimes it is doing the speaking.

The word “try” implies that you CAN POSSIBLY FAIL.  This is not tolerated in my office and my teachings.

Next, and getting back to breaking the scoring barrier…Yes, you need to have your golf goal declared and on paper…and then…let it go.

Do not dwell on that scoring barrier. The more thought and energy you give to that scoring barrier goal, the stronger and more resistant it becomes in your mind. The more your unconscious mind makes a big deal out of it and gets the message that this “barrier” is a “thing”…a “force” or an “entity.”

Your daily goal out on the course will not be to “break that scoring barrier.” It will be to ENTER THE ZONE…

When you play in the zone, that’s when you break your scoring barrier. Trying to break your scoring barrier prevents you from entering the zone which stops you from breaking your scoring barrier.

Next time, I will talk more about the zone….

These days, I not only play in the zone, I LIVE in it. And I teach all my clients how to get there.

Greens and fairways,