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The Golf Magazines Have it All Wrong

I’ve canceled my golf magazines! I’ve decided that in today’s post, I’m going to go off on a little rant. Now, I’ve been calling myself the Golf Anti-practice expert for awhile. What does that really mean? It means that I am against the constant drum beating into our heads about the only way to get better at golf. That you have to strive to get a “pro” swing blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I know, you’ve heard me say it before in my articles and such. Well, I’m taking it to a new level. I’m getting po’d. (Pissed Off) about the whole thing. So I started by stopping my golf magazine subscriptions. You know, it’s really quite funny. When I first started doing all of this about 3 years ago, I was getting 4 different magazines and reading them all cover to cover when they came. I would write on the covers the pages and titles of important articles I’d read. I would dog ear some other pages.

When they’ve come in the mail the last few months, I’ve thrown them over into a corner where I say that I will “look at them later.”
And the darn things started stacking up! Now I have this huge pile that I actually brought with me to Seattle in this move. And I can’t really justify to myself why.
And later never comes. How did I get this way? Well, don’t get me wrong, I think the humor and the covering of what goes on inside the pros minds on Tour is entertaining. I used to pull out some great quotes and thoughts that I actually have in my articles and products today. But after awhile, the articles, the great sayings, the instructions…they all repeat like a radio station with a song playlist.

Whenever I read an instruction article in a brand new magazine, I laugh to myself as I remember reading the exact same thing in at least one book in the Online classics library that was written 40 years ago!

I’ve been telling you all in my articles and posts all about that I’m the golf anti-practice expert right? Well, really, I’m anti-establishment when it comes to the “NORMAL” way of doing anything! My first thoughts when it comes to do anything these days is: “If everyone is doing it this way, then I’m going to find a better way.”

Look, I know it’s “comforting” to go to McDonalds instead of Joe’s Hamburger house. I know most folks would rather be assured of mediocrity than taking even a small risk that something could be so much better. I know that most folks cultural and environmental programming is so strong that they would rather stay where they’re at than try something new. I know all about the huge magnetic pull there is to “conform.”
I encourage you to not be “most folks”

Greens and fairways,


p.s. Here’s a picture of how I putt. Definitely not normal!