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Big city golf and opportunities

I feel sort of like a farmer in the 1930’s during the depression. You know, times are tough, the crops are low and ya’ gotta go to town to get some work. Well, I’m not exactly in that position but I did move to Seattle the first of the year. For those that don’t know, I was living in a small town, Richland WA in the Eastern part of the state. It was o.k. for while I was there living with my kids in a leave-it-to-beaver neighborhood. But now that I’m divorced and the boys live with their mother and she is remarried, it was time for me to get out into the big world! And I’ve got big plans!

The Seattle golf scene is wonderful and full of opportunity. I can hardly stand myself with all the potential I have here. Right off the bat, I lined up teaching and speaking at the Seattle golf show March 16th -18th.

Wait ’til they get a load of me!

I am going to do my “How to improve your game without practice” presentation for about an hour and I can’t wait.

Of course I will also have a booth and be selling my “Without Practice” and “Mind Links” products. But more than that, I am very hungry to get my personal NLP/Hypnosis personal practice built over here. I have decided to specialize my techniques for:

Pain Relief

I am absolutely fascinated and drawn to all there is to how the mind creates pain in the body to distract the conscious from dealing with emotional and traumatic issues in memory that are repressed. There are countless studies out there that now have proven that Hypnosis works for pain relief. It was always the claim but now with brain scanning and imaging technology, scientists and doctors are beginning to understand how. I want to learn more about this too!

Don’t worry golfers, I won’t leave you behind. In fact, this all goes right along with golf. How many of you have to adjust your swing to compensate for various aches and pains you have?

As of this week, I am set up to operate in a very nice office:  Advanced Health Therapy in Kirkland (a Seattle suburb) I have joined a business networking group and am working on my promotional materials this week. It’s all good!

Have to tell you this and it is verrry interesting. I left Richland knowing that for awhile, I wouldn’t be able to see my boys as much. It was a very tough decision. A few days ago, I talked to the boys mother and she said that her husband is going to be transferred over to this area! I struggled and struggled with making that decision and then out of the blue, it turns out that it was absolutely the correct choice. So I’m thinking this is a lesson for me…and what is it?

I’m thinking that it is to keep yourself open to ideas. Discount nothing. Do your homework before making rash decisions but when you’re done….DO IT! Which is what I did. In fact, from the day I got the idea to move until I actually moved was about 2 weeks. I ended up throwing away a lot of printed promotional materials for my hypnosis practice but again, it was the right choice.

2007 is starting off with a bang for me and I wish the same for you. Hold your dreams, imagine them completed, and then direct MASSIVE action toward making them happen. And don’t quit for anything…Persistence.

My big dream, and I will spell it out right here right now, is to hold a weekend GOLF training/entertainment/travel event for 200 golfers.

It will be called:   “Craig’s Big Golf Event”  or something like that.   It will be held at a wonderful resort facility with pro instructors, myself and Doc Kubistant and other golf trainers, a band playing songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, a comedian who specializes in golf jokes. I will be on The Golf Channel promoting it.

I’m going to make it happen. What will you make happen?

Greens and fairways,