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Feeling Bad? Here’s an Instant Change Tool

I am making it my life’s work to help folks feel good.

I absolutely love it when a client or a friend tells me that they just “feel better” after talking to me. I live for that!! I can’t think of anything more satisfying (well, a hole-in-one and breaking 80 for the first time were close!).

Anyway, I have all this knowledge now on what makes us tick and how to get what we want in life…and still….occasionally, I find myself feeling down.

This happened to me a couple weeks ago. A business project went sour and a personal relationship was not going well at the same time. I called my best friend up. She helped me out tremendously. I tried to stay focused on my work but found it difficult throughout the day. My thoughts swirled. I kept talking myself out of it. I started losing my direction and objectivity about my situation. The feelings got worse throughout the day.

I knew I had to do something..”c’mon Craig, you’re an NLP Master, you have the tools” I told myself.

I called up 6 people one after another to help me get out of this funk I was in. Nobody was home. I left messages on 6 answering machines and nobody called me back. That was a message in itself I think as I look back.
Anyway, It was getting worse….I was spiralling more and more negatively…Time to do something now.

I remembered a learning I got from a movie called “The Secret” (I could write a book on that alone. Email me if you want to discuss or post a comment here)
I got out a piece of paper and began to hand write all the things that I am grateful for. Things like:

  • I have 2 healthy, happy boys (ages 8 and 12)
  • My health is excellent, almost perfect. And I am in awesome shape.
  • I have a car that is paid off and runs well (98 Honda Accord)
  • I have a fully furnished apartment and office for my hypnosis practice
  • I can write and I have internet marketing skills
  • I have friends and a wonderful supportive mother and family
  • I have some exciting new developing relationships
  • I have excellent presentation and public speaking skills

And a few more things like that.

Then, I began to write down nice things that I could remember other people saying to me in their exact words:

  • “You have so much to give”
  • “You have such a big heart”
  • “…they are around you because they trust you”
  • “You are a natural leader”
  • “I just always feel better after talking to you”

And some other more personal stuff that hit me
I sat in my easy chair and just looked at the lists I had written. The negative feelings began to fade. I focused on the scenes the words represented and let my body change the chemistry and energy. It was working!

Now, I’m not going to say that I immediately jumped up and down for joy and went out and conquered the world right then and there. What happened though, was it got me back to neutral. I was back on “Even Keel” so that I could get busy living again.

I picked up a book I was in the middle of reading: “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. I could focus again!! That was major.

I woke up the next moring saying this over and over to myself “There is no failure, only feedback”

and a quote from one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time, John Wooden:

“We will always win…given enough time”

I’ve since typed up that handwritten page of what I am grateful for and added to it achievements I’ve accomplished in my life. I look at it often. It works, it shifts your energy. It connects you with the Power of Intention and what you really want.

Do this when you find yourself down.

I’m feeling fantastic!

Creative golf shots

I hope the greens in your town are smooth, the rough short,
and the fairways wide… in your mind. Because they can be, no
matter what the consensus reality is of your partners or others.

Which brings me to today’s mental lesson. How to get creative in choosing how to play a golf shot.

Now, I know that you’ve probably played golf a long time and
maybe not. And I’m sure you know enough about the game by now
either way.

And by now, you probably are starting to see some common themes
from instructors and golf greats teachings…haven’t you?

So, along I come and start telling you all about how you don’t
have to practice to get good, and yet I still give you articles
by gurus that pretty much say you need to.

Who is right? Does anybody have to be right? You know, you can
either be right, or you can get results sometimes. Which do you

Today, I want you to learn to expand your creativity on the course and we’ll do that with a little personal story :

My 12 year old son was bugging me to go to his first NFL football game. We are diehard Minnesota Viking fans. Now, the closest NFL team to us is in Seattle, a 3-hour drive away. So, I went online and looked for tickets. I couldnt’ believe how expensive they were and told him we couldn’t afford it. Later, I felt really bad because the Vikings were coming to Seattle this year! I told him we would go down to the stadium on game day and see if we could get some tickets from someone last minute so maybe it wouldn’t be so expensive.

We had never been to the Qwest stadium area and had no idea where to go to park or anything. We followed a car with a Seahawks sticker on it into a side lot of an industrial building that wasn’t being used on Sunday. Great! Free parking.

We started walking toward the stadium and followed a line of folks that were forming. We arrived at a junction of 2 lines where there were scalpers selling tickets. They had some “standing room only” tickets which were still more expensive than I had to spend in my pocket.

We came prepared with our little cardboard sign that said “Need 2 tickets”.” And then went to stand a ways in front of the scalpers so that the crowds would see us first.

My son said he was going to do his best “poor me” routine. haha.

We weren’t there for 5 minutes when a nice couple came up to us and said they had 2 tickets. I told them how much I only had and they said they paid almost double for that but that their friends couldn’t make it. They thought about it for a moment and said o.k. as I flashed my green stuff to show em what I had.

We couldn’t believe our luck! They were great seats and we got them for face value as we at next to the couple in our Viking jerseys.

What a blast we had. The Vikings won and other Purple fans celebrated with us as I took a picture of my son on the shoulders of one of them. (Football fans are crazy I know, we were too)

What’s the point of telling you this. There was a lesson in it. I mentioned to some of my friends and family who said I was nuts to drive 3 hours there without tickets. I just told them that I knew we would get them! And I didn’t take the standard route, the norm, what everyone else does. I knew it would all work out and it did!

This was a big learning for me. I was introduced to this type of manifesting by a movie called “The Secret” a while ago. I’ve watched it about 4 times since and still keep learning from it. It has implications for golf and everything we do. Coincidence? Luck? Maybe. Did we get what we wanted? Yep, and then some. Looking back has this ever happened to you before? I bet it has. I look back on a number of events like this where I just “knew”

I think I’ll make some more things happen this way :)

Take a look at the picture of my son with the Viking fans

Vikings celebration

How can you be creative in getting your scores down? Do you always have to use your sand wedge around the greens?

Haven’t you seen Phil Mickelson hitting out of a tough spot turning his club over and hitting from the right side?

Can you run a ball all the way up the front of a green using your 3 wood or 4 iron?

Are there times when you can actually aim for the sand trap in order to play the odds and get some spin around the greens?  Start thinking differently for a change. Go to the course and play a practice fun round and see how creative you can be. Take out clubs that you normally wouldn’t use for certain shots. You will develop a much better all-around game that holds up under pressure.

Tiger says that one of his biggest strengths is his creativity.

Start thinking outside of the box for everything in the rest of your life and see if you don’t bring some of that to the course and watch your scores go down as a result. I think you will like what you see on the scorecard.