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New certifications

Well, I just got back from spending the summer in Southern California. Yes, I know, it was a tough gig but somebody had to do it right?
Some of you have been wondering why I’ve been so quiet online for the last few months.

I went down there to complete advanced trainings in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Hypnosis and Timeline techniques.
So now, I’m a certified trainer of those therapies. I am qualified to set up my own company training others to become practitioners and master practitioners as I have been.

Although I don’t plan on doing fulll-fledged training courses like that, I do plan on using this knowledge to train folks in specific applications of those techniques in resolving different human issues such as golf, sport, pain, etc.

Right now, however, my first priority is to redo my golf websites and set up my office to do more one-on-one work to help folks achieve their greatness. This I love and will be writing about it as I get into it more. These technologies are so powerful and center around the concept of “The Breakthrough”

You see, there’s 3 requisites for change:

1. Clear negative emotions, beliefs, decisions, integrate parts, align values and generally get rid of all the old baggage in a person’s history.

2. Action

3. Focus

The Breakthrough process deals with #1 and begins #2 with tasks assigned to jumpstart that. Then, if the client wants to, can transition into a Coaching relationship to help with #2 and #3.

It’s all well and good to have affirmations and positive suggestions with or without hypnosis for #2 and #3, but if you haven’t dealt with #1, then the same issues are always going to come bubbling up under the surface of your temporarily happy face.

I went through my own breakthrough in my trainings and I cannot believe how powerful it was and motivating. I wish this for everyone so that they too can break through their barriers as I have.
Greens and fairways,