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Break free from the brainwashing that says the only way to improve is to take lessons, buy new equipment, and practice!

Five minutes in an easy chair, mentally rehearsing the Morrison Keys, which afford you a successful swing, will improve your game more than weeks of hip-swiveling on the practice ground with a blank mind.”Alex J. Morrison (golf instructor to Jack Grout, Henry Pickard, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope) from the book Better Golf Without Practice 1940

“What you have heard about me is true. I don’t practice…That’s when I decided that practice doesn’t do me any good, my swing doesn’t get any better when I go home and practice for a week.” Bruce Lietzke 13 PGA and 7 Champions wins. From Links Letter 2005 annual edition

“Practicing all the time helps my confidence more than it does my swing” Lee Trevino May 2002 Golf Digest

“ Jimmy won 3 Masters and people always thought that was pretty amazing since he did it without practicing. I thought it was even more amazing because he did it without sleeping.” Sam Snead talking about Jimmy Demaret

Welcome, I’m Craig Sigl. I must first warn you that you’re going to need a different mindset when reading what I have to offer on these pages.
Break 80 Golf is the home of every golfer who has ever had it inside themselves to break through their scoring barrier!… And doesn’t have the time to hit a thousand golf balls a week.

I’m a mental toughness trainer and avid golfer

I’m also the golf anti-practice expert and many people in the industry just plain don’t like me and what I have to say.

Who cares? Certainly not you and you shouldn’t. All you care about is lowering your score and that’s my mission. This might mean increasing your driving distance or it probably will mean making the most out of what you already can do…that’s my specialty.

In this site and in the newsletter are golfing tips like you’ve never heard before. Some is standard advice and some will blow your mind.

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Get ready for a new framework for how to lower your scores. Nobody teaches what I do because most of the industry is more interested in keeping you coming back over and over and buying their clubs and lessons and hitting thousands of range balls.

I, on the other hand, only care about you and you getting your outcome…breaking your scoring barrier whether it’s 70, 80 or 90 or whatever.
Let’s face it right now. You play the game, you are addicted to the game, you spend money on this sport and hobby because of…THE CHALLENGE OF SCORING LOWER With these golfing tips!

That’s right, I’m not going to sugar coat it. You’re into because of the rush you get when you strike a ball on the sweetspot and watch it fly to the exact target you picked in your mind.

You’re into it for that feeling that overcomes you when that 20 foot putt drops and rattles around in the cup for a birdie or a glorious par. And that feels AWESOME doesn’t it?


You want more and more of that drug and you’re not going to stop going for it because, it’s the pinnacle of why we are on the planet! Playing excellent golf is an addiction and you’ve had a taste of it haven’t you? And that taste is like the finest 7-course meal at a 5-star restaurant huh?

I get it! I know you. I know golfers. I know all about the mental pressures the pros face and what prevents them from standing out from the crowd. I know even more about the average golfer, struggling to just hit the damn ball straight 2 shots in a row. I’ve been there, I’m still there in many ways. This game is a never-ending challenge…and THAT”S WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT IT!

Yes, I’ve collected plenty of standard golf instruction tips for you. Check out the categorized links on the left for many fundamental golf instructions and online lessons.Sign up for free lessons by Golf Legends and gurus here if haven’t already from the boxes in the upper left corner of this page. In the first email, I’ll give you a link to get a free real golf ebook, digitized, called: How To Solve Your Golf Problemsand another one by me called: “Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing

Craig Sigl

And when you’re done with that….and ready to believe in yourself and your abilities… and ready to tap into the 90% of your potential that most folks don’t even know exists…then read my articles. But only if you consider yourself to be an elite thinking individual. One who is willing to see possibility instead of necessity. One who has a vision for what kind of golfer you want to be and not what you’ve always thought you were.

If you want to do what everyone else is doing and work on perfecting your swing until you die, then I’ve got a whole section there for you. When you want to discover how to SCORE LOWER, then follow me and Dr. Tom Kubistant to the promised land of single-digit handicaps.

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Craig Sigl – Golf’s No-practice expert